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A Poem by Ed

the errors and efforts of marginal progress
worth it, when I didn't fall back on doubt
following a mistake from one person's presumtion,
 I mad another.
from a son to once a father, from a person to how forgetful
from who do I need validation to change all together 
never turn back.  resist. some people never learn, I've been told
From example, I believe
once mistakes were made, I changed, and a good name was written

good things hard to come by
mostly disappointed by obvious expectation
 an apology wasn't enough
and I couldn't make up for friction and what couldn't be made apparent.
I repaired, and made that my price with time.
know its just a symptom of affliction,  people forget what its like
to be human,  the opposite of keeping up with politicians

careen,  careen, won't dismiss others as a favorable disposition

population, popularity has gone out of style.  unless it was worth the while

to agree with someones insecurities, or experience, lest you shout out in denial

provoked to realize no one's answering in the wild
heard talk like attitude,  knew it must of come from
people with a different language of how they see their existance
makes no sense to compare how sharp and fierce

hardened attempts to bully and put someone apprehended, and know the world is never discouraged

to add to the fire
following what they adhere,
a challenge to seperate the strong from the one's who they think shouldn't speak.
and so the fire still continues to this day being fed by the only name they still answer to.

contest, competition, challenge because even though it looks all true

being smart bordering criminal isn't legal.
some fall in the fire
but answering the obvious,  so memorable with the echoes of what it is to say with every double standard

its the good, needs not proven choice that always is regarded as the one to use as excuse to generally agree is or is not important,

 and even though regarded as respect

the high road is not for fools or those who don't know whats the difference between something to feel good about,

some are there to serve and others are there to compliment

and decoration.  Hidden in plain sight.  Its not hidden, its just no one admits they care, and as always words will fall on deaf ears.

at the present, trivial and consistant theme so blatant that people for a moment didn't see, the whole expression. reemerges into relevance, being so mysterious

forgotten because it was so important to know theres may always was a better choice, if only, and theres always a darker choice.
hard to believe that notice of such sensitive privilege brings the sound of justice served by who never made it theirs to serve in the name of.

the greatest offense wasn't appreciable,  everyone's head spinning, to find the right action that'll make the seperation between

us and them,  me and

all that can't stop ignoring their own effect when the only thing worth knowing is make considerate remark.  Don't think just calmly spell it out.

never gave the right to people not to be called on and singled out.  So close to making the decision thats been edging in the midst of destructive blindness and

bringing a stand still, of could it be, another one becoming more real than the game. End. and no longer any reason to play always preparing.  the day has come when

something new appears, what people have been preparing.  and its not like it relates to something we can all benefit from.  Even though somethings are right

no one understands the value of will over power, with the less I make reasons to be important, the perks of being more that one life seem offensive to the senses

wanted to find out what its like to be important. Now no longer unnoticed, undisturbed, uninterrupted. All vanity stripped, contrast in comparison makes

My demand for answers to maddening questions more than ridiculous,  makes them arragant and blinds to ask questions?

I didn't know what I was asking.  Didn't know it would mean to me that answers will I find, that give my life a proportion to make irony so thick,

 it too has become more effort than spelling out, the joke that gives insight to why echoes are heard of a story thats become the typical example of a moral

to reckon with. Didn't I'd be joining in the long list of a success,  that made for more than insulting to the injury of lost potential that made the hero

squander his destiny to be the legend of the worse kind of person worth recognition.  Broke the record for lack of intelligence.  Even the easy end slipping into a never ending slapstick

chain of events slipped on a banana peel and fell down the stairs into the garbage

 an event so compelling it fractalizes reminescent of

of my first impression.  No matter how interesting.  That can be seen, that made of so many failures who didn't learn as little as learning that he did not learn a thing.

a disgrace re emerges echoing what everyone dreads,  provoked to repeat the past, a mistake made impossible to trace back to what was original before the twist and turns

and was spontaneous behavior,  Now so caught up with being pushed to continue the ritual of story of no consequence?  Its learned its going to.  being. meaningless. forgot ten and forgetting.  its common knowledge to give in

to whatever is the least path of resistance.

must of been someone who's decision that rang through every ear.  and made the right decision.  So incredible to know story rags because from riches I learned to play the perfect example of the most foolish actions taken in a series that called out to be spoken because what had no reason to notice has become meaningful enough to mention.

a joke about a guy who follows the joke and doesn't know where its going.  to this even unaware that it makes the attempt to insult him.  but from a height, fallen so far.

its humbling to see that what was a mockery of a life deserving of a luxury became someone who can't afford to laugh, afraid of his sarcasm, twists,  to compliment his pride which doesn't let an opportunity pass to flex his arrogant thriving sense of irony. since their in none to hide

We laugh at someone.  like its news to them that there goes the failure who's work isn't finished in giving in to another reason to let what others who only know to do what someone else had in common the same story of hearing someone give instructions

on the margin of what passes for behaved, and still get away stirring the emotion we know to provoke to know that we stand by our decision to let compassion over rule never let passing down of a blame looking for a fool to bloom, for the sake of romance

 step out of the way, deer in the headlights, hear the impact?


and respect whats right.  Never a second thought, how its funny how it hit the right person.  an act of compassion.

If called on and didn't know, didn't do anything wrong by letting know the wolves from where someones calamity can be heard,

when actually worthy in wait. From what direction the chance to take advantage and know nothing wrong with what is done?

theres a reason that is just, for why it leads a boat of people.  no control to slow down,  no power to play the part of everyone's convenience, or facilitate the

supply and demand of people who lost what rights they have.  shake hands with the business of pushing slightly someone towards and they might learn to paddle towards land.  all agreed thats the way it is.

not the first to start him in his journey, not the last to see the wise and know from experience and dismiss the echo, rerun, of a chance wondering if where its going, where its from will be worth remembering.

down the stairs, yet almost under a bus and pretend all is fair?

Dare you make me care,  about dragging me into your

Hopeful once hurtful once thought unworthy feelings worth recovering.  And its come to this.  Important search to find importance has brought to my hand.  Given reasons that were missing, compassion keep one's step encouraging them to true hope.

Something you never know is waiting for someone who,  got someone stirred up, seeing their reflection in light of someone full of life who couldn't bare to give up, stop, believe in what goes without saying is agreed for the sake of being in the right position to someone who

raises questions, and like everyone who ever needed that one chance, that one moment, one thing to go right.  We all have our eyes on them to make it.  Because as selfless or as selfish as one is we all understand the idea of a second chance.  a blessing.   If your willing.

we could go without.  Learned to be treated unfair that cosiderate unfulfilled lost sheep wanting.  Make me realize how much effort it weighed to disrespect myself

by pretending it means something, anything.  Like i want to be,  sad and caring of changing someone's life of self pity.

couldn't see if thats where I be,  it must be right.  Even if its everyone no longer feels unconditional to the vulnerable, unavailable. because that whats been said

by people time immemorial,  that selfishness protects, from the undefiable, certainly wouldn't want it weighing on them day and night.
that the person,  hasn't reached the point of unfair,  and it more than I want to know just how offended I can be that I was burden with inconvenience of knowing and being part
of someone's life which was a last blow to my foreseeable trajectory to include caring.  What I gave up, to turn away,  the feelings I don't want to ever accept I needed.

Angry because helping someone usually means,  the assurity that everything will be alright is not something to hope for?  knowing someone who could not afford to find it.

I provided unconditionally to the people around me who might be the beginning of the greatest mistakes I regret.  How dare I make for such outrage, feel that its right to leave

someone with such burden of a question or thought, or care, incumbering pleasure, to how aimless is their efforts because  many have been given bad directions to the wrong path,

they just keep getting misplaced, further and further.

I don't want to see the look in peoples eyes of how they been treated.  In a situation I never want to be associated. Homeless, physically broken,  or struck so hard all they know has passed.

Thank you for the vital reminder that I'm selfish because I don't want to be burdened with what I see less than this world falling to pieces less than.  thanks for letting me know the only innocence I've been protecting

is my contempt for compassion and humility,  insolent to find its not in me.  And hate being made aware that some stories are usually worse than what its been made to be memorable.

Now I know that some stories are far worse.  and I didn't know my sarcastic cynicism pales by comparison,  of what people are made to go through without an end.

 "why do i have to know that"  I just wanted to have all the fun in a time when it comes effortlessly. No

I feel better than ever and feel cleared of so much that I thought I could not go without.  I still have difficulty

but I do feel that through adversity, It is something of a benefit to my character and soul.  Pretentious as that may sound

I may not sound human because I have restored my humanity just few measures of a key note , and a strum

© 2017 Ed

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Added on April 25, 2017
Last Updated on December 12, 2017
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