The Encounter

The Encounter

A Chapter by VLE321

Cataline had been right about one thing I suppose.  The club was bumping with live energy.  The electricity of the music hummed in my veins and paired nicely with the warmth of alcohol.  My hips swayed fluidly to each song, and my body was not prejudice to dance partners.  Often, I caught Cataline smiling at me as she teased a young man with her "assets".  I could not help but smile back.

My long, ebony hair began to loose it's curl and sweat beaded my skin.  My little black dress hugged me uncomfortably and my feet ached in Catalines borrowed stilettos, somewhere after midnight I finally burned through my last song before pulling Cataline to the side.

"I'm done!"  I shouted over the music.  Cataline frowned but didn't argue.  She kissed each of my cheeks and made me vow to text her as soon as I was home safely. 

I exited the club with my clutch in hand.  It had very little, just a ticket stub that granted me access into the club, my drivers license, and my cell phone.  I looked down at my stilettos and sighed.  I could see the taxi parked right off of Sheffield Avenue.  All I had to do was walk down the ally between the fine arts building from South Michagan to Wabash, then I could get a taxi.  Currently, there were half a dozen people standing on the street trying to hail cabs as fast as they would come.  I certainly was not going to stand here for another twenty minuets waiting on one.

So I began walking, albeit a bit wobbly, towards the back ally.  It was quite decilate at this time of morning.  But taking an ally way had become less and less fearful the longer I'd stayed in the city.  It was almost hard to see as I walked, my heels clicking the dirty street and echoing off the building walls.  I had almost made it half way down the ally, Wabash right in sight, but a loud rustle behind me had me spinning on my heel.

There were four men. 

I could at least make out their figure.  The street light from South Michigan casted an eery glow upon them.  One man was roughly pushed against the brick building by his chest.  His hands were raised in defeat, but his face gave away no fear.  The other three men surrounded him to ensure he was going absolutely no where.  One man held a gun expertly, pointing it right at the victims face.

I had never witnessed a mugging before. I was completely terrified.  The muscles under the skin of my thighs shook so brutally, I questioned their ability to support my weight.  My breathing literally stopped and I tried to blend into the dark.

"Who granted you permission to roam around my city?"  An Italian accent mocked.  My skin prickled uncomfortably as the voice resonated in my psyche, triggering a memory.  The voice was predominately familiar, and all to suddenly I recognized the man from Doug's this morning.

  I swallowed hard.

"F**k you, Badadonchi!"  A thick Russian accent spat.  He showed no fear in the face of death.  I on the other hand, was shaking like a leaf.

"You see, you Russian's think that now that my father is gone and my brother has come up with this ridiculous peace treaty that I will still abide by the rules.  This city is mine and I intend to paint it with all of the Russian blood I plan to shed."

"Krasnof will retaliate.  He will come for you.  He will -"

"Shut him up."  The Italian said.  And just after the words fell from that beautifully frightening mouth, the sound of a muffled gun shout pinged throughout the ally way.  I could see clearly as brain matter burst from the Russians skull.

I immediately vomited.

"What the f**k was that?"  I heard someone snap.  A throaty dry heave racked my body and my knees buckled.  I hit the cement with all my weight despite my best efforts to flee.  By the time I looked up, my whole body cringed.

Three men, in suits, stared down at me.

"Well, well, well.  What have we here?"  The Italian accent teased.  My skin suddenly became to tight as quivers rocked my muscles. 

"I-I- Please-"  My voice begged in a whisper.

"Pick her up.  She's coming with us."

Two men grabbed my biceps and hoisted me to my feet.  I attempted to break free but was quickly silenced with an unspoken threat at the gleam of a pistol.  My stomach rolled again but nothing came out.  We appeared at the entrance of the ally, and I was shoved into the back seat of a vehicle.

This is the moment I realized my life would never be the same.

© 2016 VLE321

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Damn, this is so enthralling! Gripping form start to finish! Paced well with nice flow and nice development throughout, good communication between characters both with and without dialogue!

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Thank you very much. I appreciate all reviews! I will continue to update as long as there are reader.. read more
Zyle Christian William Cook

2 Years Ago

I'm excited to continue!!

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