Leasing White Space

Leasing White Space

A Chapter by Attentive_Ambience

Would you take a dramatic pause -



Would. you. read. each. word. in.

a. punctuated. fashion?


Would you rather scan over -



The white space, 


Have it swallow you whole?

Welcome to the poetic’s white space,

It’s also known as the black hole.


I’ve stood beside the weeping cherry tree

Watching the sun set, it’s last rays stroking the sky in oranges, reds, pinks, purples

The first day of spring: crisp air, newly cut grass, budding flowers


With my hand on the tree trunk I cup the tiny blossoms, caressing their feather-light petals

Breathing in: ah, is that the scent of renewal?

Breathing out: oh, the budding of a life born.


And then I think, is it time to renew my lease?


And then I think, maybe I’ve been leasing this life for too -long -

© 2018 Attentive_Ambience

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Hi. I've read all three "chapters", and I'm not totally sure I understand them but I really enjoy your imagery and the way you pose questions and hypotheses for the reader. We have to engage and think. And then your imagery takes us on a journey that slightly resembles marshalling of thoughts about a yet to be solved problem. So, whilst I found it opaque, it had me hooked.

Typo/spelling thing - I think you mean its last rays without the '

The other recollection upon looking again actually goes back to my childhood days of A A Milne and 'When we were very young'. Milne would very often finish a poem by going to one word per line to show the separate contribution each made. I still have a tattered much scribbled-in copy!

Nice work

Posted 11 Months Ago


11 Months Ago

Thank you for pointing that out! I hadn't seen it. I'll be adding more poems to this 'book.' I just .. read more

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Added on February 2, 2018
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