Why Do I Live in a Place Where the Air Hurts My Face

Why Do I Live in a Place Where the Air Hurts My Face

A Story by Evangeline

Clay, you're a crazy person.

Your first step outside creates a shock response from your body that immediately pleads for you to go back inside. The air isn't a friendly chill that can be remedied with a sweater. It is the air that has lost all its pressure and forces the air out of  your lungs and locks your jaw.

You don't even make it off the front steps before the intensity sinks in and the wind hurdles over the trees, sending the snow blasting you just as well as sand would. You pull your beanie over your ears and make your best attempt at a deep breath. The most solid looking drift across the pathway is your safest bet to the street and you set off, only to find yourself knee deep in ice. Somehow your feet are still warm enough to instantly melt the snow in your shoes. But you trudge onward, swearing you're going to get your revenge, wondering what in god's name possessed you to park across the unplowed street.  

Your car has turned into the Mecca of snowdrifts. The windshield doesn't have to be scraped off though, thank god. But your poor car has to be dug out before you can even fathom the idea of putting it in gear. So you contemplate why you don't keep a pair of gloves in the glove compartment and think, hell, if the pioneers could do it barehanded, so can I. No gloves are the best gloves on the prairie. You instantly regret your decision. As your car chugs along, defrosting the very best it can, you are on the brink of losing fingers. In a matter of two minutes, you find yourself stuck in the conflict of sweating beneath your jacket and not being able to feel your exposed appendages. The snow is illogically heavy on the shovel. If atoms consist of ninety nine percent of open nothingness, and snow falls so delicately, why does it get so damn heavy when it's where it causes the biggest pain in the a*s? By that time, you know you're absolutely fucked beyond reason as the deep set pain sinks in and your nose runs as your eyes cloud up.

You finally get into your car with a clear enough path to drive out. You're a little shaken and numb and you breathe in the warmer air. You wouldn't have it any other way.

© 2016 Evangeline

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This is so realistic that I felt myself to be at home on the range in
South Dakota. I would say it stinks, but the truth is, it is too cold to stink.
Thank you for the most real thing I have ever read here on tne Cafe.
---- Eagle Cruagh

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Thank you! Sounds like we're from the same patch of prairie! Winter is merciless around here, I'm ha.. read more
Good imagery. Living in sub-tropical conditions (India)
we never really get to see any snow, let alone live through it (especially even on winters)
It would be up to writers like you who could transmit the experience through words to people like me at the other side of the world. Cheers.

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

I'm very happy to help your imagination!

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Added on July 13, 2016
Last Updated on July 13, 2016
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