Scared of the Dark

Scared of the Dark

A Poem by Evangeline

You’re scared of the dark,

It’s left me confused.

The fear of a child,

innocent and unnerving.

I live in the dark,

It led me to you.

When night creeps in,  

You hold my hand.

When the light rolls out,

I wish you’d understand.

I look around for the things I cannot see,

And find comfort in not knowing.

The touch as I fumble around,

The energy as I’m approaching,

With uncertainty,

But with faith,

That the couch is exactly where we left it.

You need to hold out your hand,

Feel the way I move,

Follow close after.

I’ll find the door,

Lead us out,

Into the world that’s done you bitter.

But look up as you squeeze my hand,

Please don’t plead to go inside.

There are a billion and seven worlds,

And they all give us light.


Don’t worry about the bush,

It’s just the cat,

Not a stranger.

The noise will cease,

And he’ll get bored.

If I’m wrong,

At least it didn’t kill us.

Don’t strain your eyes,

And remember to breathe.

There are so many things in the

dark that you can actually see.


We can go in now,

But leave the light off.

Please let in the cat.

I’ll walk behind you,

Grab your waist and keep in step.

You’ll feel safer in bed,

I’ll curl up close,

Let you breathe and rest.

Remember these moments,

Where everything is safe.

The dark is habitual,

Nobody’s started a riot.

The sun will return,

And we can sleep in,

Knowing that as long as we have us,

Nothing will get you.

© 2016 Evangeline

Author's Note

I'm not good at being sappy.

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Added on December 30, 2016
Last Updated on December 30, 2016
Tags: cats, fear, dark, relationship, love, trust, night, new, free verse



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