A Story by Evangeline

How do you describe that one couple with tattoos without saying "tattoo" once?


There are two people in this situation.

One is hopelessly in love, while the other is also hopelessly in love while leaning back in a chair.

The latter is watching closely as the lines are carved deep into her lover’s arm. They stretch from his wrist to his armpit, around his bicep and into his shoulder. The lines are thick and even and black. The blood smudges with the excess ink and petroleum jelly. At times, the needles touch a nerve and his mouth twitches. The man holding the machine is constantly jovial and tells them both jokes that will send everyone within earshot to Hell.

She watches intently as the relentless buzzing and laughter fill the air. She is mesmerized by the progressing lines and the quiet promise of art. Her lover’s body will always be different.

He will have an ever changing physique. His beard will fluctuate in existence and length. His scars will be covered with dark lines. The color between the lines will start very dark, and lighten as vibrancy is added. The moles and freckles will disappear under the open wounds and colors. More depictions of his life and interests- his story- will be present on his body as he goes through the world. Nobody would even know if he were to wear a suit and tie.

The lovers are still new to each other. The rapid progression of their habits and bodies creates an understanding that is difficult for observers to comprehend. These lovers find balance in undertaking the task of never becoming familiar with cosmetic changes. Their hair has changed colors multiple times. He’s grown and shaved a beard. Sometimes, she wears gauges in her ears. More than anything, the art and color of their bodies change continuously. They look different in ways every few months, but there are stable pieces of them that stay.

Her lover doesn’t look anything like he did when she met him at this moment, but his grey eyes are still burning holes through her as they did when he admitted he has difficult allergies. He still carries himself with a purpose and a protective mindfulness. He writes awful jokes for her. He continues to show the utmost kindness to even those who don’t seem to deserve it. He hasn’t quit smoking, and never badgers her to. He has decided to go for broke and not let his genius be wasted on a difficult situation. He will be a Nobel Prize Laureate.

He is able to overlook the constant change of appearance as well. Sometimes she wears fake eyelashes and heels in a business skirt. Sometimes she wears torn pants and combat boots and has a fire in her eyes that would burn somebody’s entire world down. Each limb has accumulated more artwork. She never announces when she’s going to shave the sides of her head, or what shade of red it will be. She’s a shape shifter with a knack for raising plants from the dead. She’s compassionate and nervous and giving.

They are young and hopeful for the future. When they grow old, they will not have to bother with explanations of the art on their bodies with somebody new. They will see the progression, and plateauing of their personalities and lives. The comfort in knowing that their respective families, the general public, a church, was wrong about the way they’ll live together. The new attributes will become familiarities as they run their course.

We could learn from them.

© 2017 Evangeline

Author's Note

Scribbled away in a notebook while Emmett was getting another tattoo.

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Added on January 3, 2017
Last Updated on January 3, 2017
Tags: tattoos, couple, love, understanding, edgy, punk, radical, students



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