Schizophrenic Psycho World

Schizophrenic Psycho World

A Poem by Bianca

I haven't written a poem in a long time so this is kind of weird. I have almost no idea what I wrote or if it makes sense so...yeah >.>


Listen to the rhythm

Of the repeated beat  (it never leaves)

(never leaves)


Preach the hymn

Of the accepted needs (no more judging)

(no more judging)


Do you see what is wrong

Through those dull eyes

That cracked voice

The trembling hands (paralyze)


He's arrogant (I am great)

He's self-loathing (see this hate)

He's laughing (for no reason)

He's silent


We are the voices in his head

We are what makes him go

We are the melody that

Keeps him alive

If we stop (will he die?)

(will he die?)


Listen to the rhythm

Of the repeated beat (it never leaves)

(never leaves)


March forth for the end of deceit


He's schizophrenic (you're doing this wrong)

He's selfish (I need to be accepted)

He wants to be stable

He doesn't care how (sacrifice others)


We won't let him



He's society

We are part of him


Music is life

The cure for disaster

The source of forgiveness

The accepting art


We come together to make him

We bring the melody (all scrambled up)

The love is harmony (look deep within)

We want to keep him calm


Listen to the rhythm

Of the repeated beat (every note cries in sound out loud)



Let's work together

And end his madness

© 2009 Bianca

Author's Note

These were lyrics so if I did anything wrong as a song then...yeah I want to know ^^;

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this poem is super cool! very interesting and original. i really liked it! great job

Posted 6 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

thank you :)
...sorry for such a late reply, i haven't been online in a long time
It reminded me of anxiety, of that feeling when walking through a crowd in an unfamiliar place. You hear a snicker behind you and assume someone made a joke at your expense, you catch an awkward glance from someone and feel as if they're judging you. It's like trying to breathe underwater, the very atmosphere around you feels hostile, you only want to escape, and not just from this awkward, anxious situation. You want to escape from the criticisms of your very worst enemy, yourself... At least that's how it made me feel while reading it :), awesome job.

Posted 7 Years Ago

I like your lyrics because I can truly relate to what your talking about on a personal level. You clearly express what was happening within each line. Its a bit confusing at the end when you say "lets work together and end the madness". Don't the voices want to keep him "mad"? It also wasn't clear to me what the beating sound was (sorry).

Posted 7 Years Ago

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