The Sea Took Them

The Sea Took Them

A Story by Jakl and Hyde

This was an old story that I wrote last year. It is about 10 friends who go on a trip across the sea. A bad storm happens suddenly.


Three of us. We were the only ones left, the only ones to make it to the island. It was a wonderful trip until a storm came. There were ten of us on board. Fred, Marie, Andrew, Heather, Barbara, Jesse, Judy, Victor, Judith, and me. We were having fun until a storm came. We were trying to gather supplies to salvage before we sank. I exclaimed, “Get as much food safe as possible! Also, take some water and rope!”

“Got it,” said Fred.

“Good we might need that to get off and on the boat, if we get stuck on land,” I replied.

   Then we heard a scream. Judith had gone overboard. We tried to find her but she was already gone. “She must have been sucked in by the strong current and pushed down by the waves,” said Victor.

“We need to look for her! What if she’s still alive!?” said Marie frantically.

Victor then replied, “It’s no use if we stop we die. We need to keep going so nothing happens to anyone else.”

“Help! My leg!” exclaimed Andrew.

“What happened?” asked Fred.

“Looks like he fell and cut his leg pretty deep. I think he cut his femoral artery. We need to stop the bleeding and fast.”

   Again someone was on the brink of death. We tried to stop the bleeding from his mauled leg. It was no use he was losing so much blood, there was nothing else we could do for Andrew. He died before we could help him. Everyone else died except for Victor, Marie, and me. The first thing that happened was Fred was trying to save Judy from falling. They both ended up getting sucked into the ocean. We presume they drowned. Second Virginia died from the shock of two of her closest friends dying right in front of her eyes. Then Heather was struck by lightning and gladly she was killed instantly. Barbara hit her head when the boat almost sank the first time. She had a fractured skull and died a few hours later. Lastly, Jesse jumped overboard. He said he couldn’t take it anymore. We also presumed he drowned.

   The three of us, Victor, Marie, and me, we had to survive on the island. All of us grieved the loss of our close friends. We soon decided to start gathering materials. Victor set off for firewood so we could stay warm at night. I made us some spears with some rocks and a few pieces of wood. Marie was in charge of getting wood for shelter. I also helped by getting some thatch for the wall and the roof of our makeshift home. We were on the Island for days. We were all tired and homesick. We had enough food for another week. We were running out of the water. We only had enough for a few days and we were still not comfortable roaming the island.

   Though tired and beaten, we persevered. We carried onwards and did our best to survive. We found a stream and it had plenty of fresh water as well as some edible berries. We had to test them. Since we were running out of food in the first place, we decided we should take the risk. All of us ate them and they were delicious. We had a horrible month until that day. We had no idea what to do. We still made it through the tough times, the three of us had survived.

   A few days later we heard a helicopter. We started frantically lighting a smoke signal. They had spotted us. They were landing on the edge of the island. They gave us food water and clothes to change into. We were saved. One of them then asked, “How many of there were you, and what happened to them?”

Victor then replied, “There were ten of us. The sea took the rest.”

From that day onward we would be grateful for our lives.


© 2017 Jakl and Hyde

Author's Note

Jakl and Hyde
I might need to change the genre please tell me if I do. Also feel free to comment on how I did again I wrote this last year.

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Turn this story into a journal entry or several entrys from the survivors point of view.
Maybe one entry for each loss. Expand on the people a little more. let us get to know a few of them and how they relate to the survior.
the last entry should be-There were ten of us. The sea took the rest.”
From that day onward we would be grateful for our lives.
I love that part, very poweful.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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A Story by Jakl and Hyde