A Story by Jakl and Hyde

A murderer is sitting in an interrogation room while two detectives face a hard time trying to bust him. His friends are doing everything they can to slow the detectives down.


A sociopath. That’s what they call me. I feel emotions but you wouldn’t know. I act normally sitting next to you. Only I know where the bodies are. I will never tell. Murder is my friend. I won’t stop.

“Where are the bodies?!!” yelled detective Lewis.

“I won’t answer any questions without a lawyer present……”

Lewis then said, “Okay be that way, we’ll find out where they are eventually as long as I see you in a cell scumbag.”


“He’s not answering at all,” said detective Bobby Lewis.

“It’s not going to get him out of a cell,” I replied

“I’m going to get coffee, I’ll be back,” said Lewis.

“Want some?”

“No thanks.”

A little while later we went to one of the possible dump sites of the bodies. We were looking around and couldn’t find anything. There was a house that was nearby had a window open. That’s how it all started.

“There’s nothing here...AAAGHH!!”

In the window, there was a sniper.


I walked into the station and went to the interrogation room to talk with Todd.  “It’s about you showed up. I’ve been sitting in this cell for who knows how long.”

“I had to get all of my files ready and besides you have lots of time. Anyways, let’s talk about what kinds of questions they might ask and if we should answer them or not. Also if they decide to let us have a deal…”

“No deals,” He cut me off, “I’m not pleading guilty. And that’s final”

“Well then, let’s talk about everything else.”


It was the perfect shot, right in the abdomen. This would hold them up for a little while. That scumbag detective and his partner could die for all I care, but Todd didn’t want that. Only slow them down so we could find a way to get him out. Norma and Carol were busy planting explosives in one of the detective’s houses.

It’s a risky job but we can handle it. By now the detective’s partner had carried him half-way out of my view. I shot the detective again, this time in the leg.


Carol was setting up explosives in the kitchen. I was setting some on the staircase. These were non-lethal but strong enough to give someone a concussion.

“Um… Carol, can you help me?”

“How many did you place?”

“Ten in the kitchen.”


“The wires were too short.”

“What do you need help with?”

“I-I think if I let go of this wire these will explode.”

Ten of these in close proximity might be enough to kill someone.

“We don’t have much time, and I don’t know what to do.”

“Well, we need to try something!”

I sighed, any wrong movement could send us both flying across the room dead or extremely injured.


Whoever it was shot him in the leg. He was fading slowly but I don’t know how much longer he had to live. I dragged him behind a thick tree. Three more shots rang out. I tried to call for backup, but there was no cell service. We were like sitting ducks. The situation was hopeless but I kept going. The road was in sight about fifty yards away. I sat him in the back of the car. I turned on the sirens and drove as fast as I could.

At the hospital, they took Bobby into an operating room. I didn’t know his condition or if he’s was even alive. If only I had noticed it sooner. He wouldn’t be here right now. We would be at the station questioning that maniac in the investigation room. I decided to leave. It was too much, I couldn’t handle the guilt when I was in the hospital. I left went to get some coffee. If he died I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.


“Okay tell me what to do,” I asked Norma

“Slowly move the wire as close as you can to me. If I can cut the wire then I can hopefully disarm all of them.”

“Please don’t blow us all to bits.”

I was scared for my life. One wrong move and we both explode.

“Are you ready? I’m about to cut the wire.”

“Do it.”

When she cut the wire nothing happened. So I took my fingers off of them.


I lived on Maple street growing up. My father was a madman. He thought he could make the house a rocket so we could live in space. He said the world was ending. Maybe he was right after all. I chuckled. No one could take the man seriously.

“What do you want?”

“My partner got shot today. I want to know why.”

“You think I know why?”

“I know you know why.”

“What evidence do you have against me? I’ve been in this room for hours.”

“I’m done with the crap tell me who did it.”

“I don’t know. You’re the detective figure it out.”

I sneered. She thinks she’s smart. She has no idea what she’s in for.


I sighed. We almost got ourselves killed. If I hadn’t cut that wire we probably would have been killed.

“That was close.”

“I know let’s get out of here quick. We set up on the roof of the building across the street. As soon as she opens the door, we blow the place to a pile of rubble.”

“Got it.”


With my rifle packed and my identity unknown, I went home. Hidden in a secret cellar, my rifle was safe. There were never any prints because I was wearing gloves. I live in an old house in the woods. Secluded and alone, no one would ever one here. That’s when I heard a knock. Slowly I went to the door and I reached out my hand.


© 2017 Jakl and Hyde

Author's Note

Jakl and Hyde
This is an unfinished version and I am still writing.

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