A Story by yeliKING



Ava-5 years old

Xxian- 6 years old


Ava- Xxian, wait! You’re running too fast!

(I’m so excited, Xian and me are going to the park to see the fluffy ducks!)


Xxian-Ava I’m not fast you’re just slow!

(I’m so exited to show Ava all the baby ducks, and I want to show her the one with the fluffy spot on its head!)


Ava- Meani- AH!

(Xian is so mean! I wish he was nicer like his big brother!- AH ow ow ow ah, my knee is bleeding and it hurts! Xxian is going to make fun of me even more now!)


Xxian- Huh? Ava whats wro-



Ava- I-i-t hur-ts! Xxian!


Xxian- Ava stop being a crybaby! See there all better, now come on or we’ll miss them!

(I’m happy my mommy made me bring a bandage, because now Ava’s better and she stopped crying.)


Ava- Thanks you, Xxian. Uh, hey wait up!

( Xxian gave me a bandage, it has a robot on it! And now my knee doesn’t hurt! )


Xxian- Hurry or I’ll leave you!

(I’m happy Ava’s better.)


Ava- Kay!



Part 2


Ava- 10

Xxian- 11


Xxian- Ava let’s play detective!

(I saw it yesterday on TV! There’s a cool detective and he solves a huge crime!)


Ava- De-Tec-Tive? Okay!

(I’ve never played detective before, I hope its fun!)


Xxian- Okay, now we just need a crime to solve!


Ava- Like what?


Xxian- Like um…..What happened to the duck!


Ava- Huh?


Xxian- Yesterday there were 10 baby ducks and today there were only 9!


Ava- Oh! Okay let’s go solve the mystery of the missing ducky

(I wonder what happened to the missing baby duck.)


Xxian- Okay, wait let me get my sweater first!

( Mom would get mad if I got sick.)


Ava- Hurry, it’s going to get dark soon!

(The ducks always went away when it got dark; the mommy took them back to their nest )


Xxian- Lets go Ava!

( I grabbed Ava’s hand, it’s soft.)


Ava- Wait you’re going too fast!

( Xxian was holding my hand! It would be better if he wasn’t dragging me along though.)


Xxian- Look we’re here! Come on we have to look for clues!

(That’s the first thing the man on the TV did.)


Ava- Like what? What do I look for?


Xxian- Like a feather in an odd place or um a secret hiding place.

(The duck could be anywhere! We might never find it.)


Ava- Like this?

(I found a feather.)


Xxian- YEAH! Okay that’s clue number one. Now why would a feather be here?

(Ah! We found our first clue!)


Ava- Maybe because the ducky passed by here on its way over there...

(While Xxian was zoning off I saw there was a little hole in a tree I wonder if it’s another clue.)


Xxian- What!?! Wow Ava you’re really good! Come on now let’s see if the ducky’s there!

(Ava has always been really observant, maybe one day she’ll become a detective!)


Ava- Lets go find the ducky!


Xxian- Okay.

(I hope we find the ducky so it can be with its family!)


Ava- It’s here! Xxian look! Look!


Xxian- Lemme see!

(She was right the duck was there)


Ava- Come on let’s take it to the pond!

(I’m happy we found the ducky, now we can take it back home.)


Xxian- Okay there the duck is home, we should head home too it looks like it might rain.


Ava- Okay, we have to come back tomorrow to check on the ducky again.

(We have to go home now before our moms get mad at us for being out late.)


Xxian- Did you feel that? I think it started raining.


Ava- No it can’t! I don’t have my sweater!

(Mom will get mad at me if I go home soaking wet!)


Xxian- Here wear mine, my mom won’t get mad.

(She will get mad though and I knew that, I didn't want Ava to get sick though.)


Ava- Thank you! I’ll give it tomorrow! Bye Xxian!


Xxian- Bye Ava!

Part 3

Ava- 15



Ava- Xxian….


Xxian- Ya…


Ava- Why are we born?


Xxian- We’re born to feed the fluffy ducks duh.

( Of course that wasn’t the true reason, but nobody knows the answer to that)


Ava- Mmmmm Okay.

( Xxian always managed to involve ducks in any situation, I admired that about him.)


Xxian- Of course I am, when am I ever wrong?

(That was also a lie, I always made mistakes but Ava never pointed them out or made me look stupid.)


Ava- That’s true, sometimes I wonder if you ever make mistakes.


Xxian- Ava?


Ava- Ya, what?


Xxian- What would you do if i….if i….died?

(The last part was a whisper. It had been on my mind recently, if I died how would Ava react?)




Xxian- Ava?


Ava- I would leave.


Xxian- What?

(Leave from where?)


Ava- From here, from this. I wouldn’t be able to handle being in the town all alone.


Xxian- oh…


Ava- But you won’t die because I won’t let you!


Xxian- I know.


Xxian had always loved bringing me here to see the ducks, our secret park. He always let me pick the one I wanted and I let him name the rest. I smiled. Things had been so much different when he was alive. He had been killed by S.N.K.I (Skin Neutrosis Killer Infection), I made a promise to him that I would keep coming to see the ducks. His necklace sealed our promise. I hated him for leaving me, pity was everywhere. If it wasn’t for our promise I would have left a long time ago.

The ducks were coming.


© 2012 yeliKING

Author's Note

The story has 3 parts each representing a different flashback and the words in the parenthesis are the characters thoughts.

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This was really good but really sad.... I loved it.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on June 3, 2012
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