The acute exhaustion of silence.

The acute exhaustion of silence.

A Poem by Terpsichore


Nobody paid attention when the dogs began to bark,
then whimper, when the sky leaked wet lavender
into the roiling aubergine clouds building from the west.

Just another electrical storm, brewing up an aphasia of boredom
as the wind begins to shift and stutter, rasping at its own thin skin.
Inflamed and livid, the breath of doom, exhaling curls of charred oil,
the last breath of sanity into a malevolent arsonist's sky.
And only then did people look, with upturned eyes,
as the first elemental rumble shook, as the dust drifted, 
then rose Like a Cyclops roused from slumber.

At the mercy now of tectonic grind and shift.
The rock and roll and lift of man's fragile structures.
The crack and rupture of Earth's ancient mantle,
to the screeching music of the earthquake's all
encompassing canticle; as we become entombed 
in silence, drowned in darkness, shrouded 
in futility, with only time to play on the mind.

And the the world watches, and the world waits
and I cannot stop crying as little miracles emerge
from living hell, after hope had almost gone,
in this brutal land of Cain, where everything is smashed,
where broken people sleep beneath the burning bush, 
too exhausted now to fight another day.

© 2016 Terpsichore

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A calm before the storm captured in a mere 23 verses. Once again, you captured me and held me prisoner to your well strung words. You took me on a journey. I appreciate art such as this in a vast sea of poetry.

Posted 1 Year Ago

i am reminded of the expression fixed on the faces drawn from Michelangelo's brush atop the Sistine dome as the flood threatens the scrambling remnants crowding the last bits of earth, more dumb than beasts...finally, art is seeing

Posted 1 Year Ago

Natural cataclysm... a powerful force of nature!
But we're fighting her... and we may win... leaving, soon, nothing for us (and most other creature) to survive...
this final cataclysm will vanquish us... but nature will survive... a bit battered, but perhaps better without us...
Splendid poem!!!

Posted 1 Year Ago

Wow. This is impressive. The thought and detail behind each image makes for a captivating read. First of all, the colors are fantastic. Nothing wishy-washy here; we've got "wet lavender" and "charred oil" and "aubergine" (I did not know that word, nor "aphasia," until now - you learn something new every day!) The personification is also wonderful - "as the wind began to shift and stutter, rasping at its own thin skin" (quick suggestion - change "it's" to "its" in that line)... "the breath of doom, exhaling curls of charred oil"... "the last breath of sanity into a malevolent arsonist's sky" (I love that line!). The play on "rock and roll" with "the screeching music of the earthquake's all / encompassing canticle" is great, especially in contrast to the "silence, drowned in darkness" that follows. Finally, the biblical allusions in the final stanza give an even higher meaning to the turmoil and suffering described within this poem. Excellent work. This was a pleasure to read.

Posted 1 Year Ago

this was morbidly breathtaking.....I mean it painted a picture of disaster and calamity....but you told the story so clearly and perfectly! wonderful writing!

Posted 2 Years Ago

' .. as the wind begins to shift and stutter, rasping at it's own thin skin. -- - Inflamed and livid, the breath of doom, exhaling curls of charred oil, -- - the last breath of sanity into a malevolent arsonist's sky... '

Your words say how it is, yes, in poetic style but with such wording that you highlight, magnify the terrors of the extreme, gargantuan horrors and more - far more. Whilst this is a very dramatic masterpiece it still ripples with pathos and.. tears. Altering course, regaining civility and hope is... a battle.. but, achievable.. perhaps. One prays.

Posted 2 Years Ago

but we do fight....and we do recover...but the storms, electrical, or real as wars...make us drown in futility....this started to upturn, but then the last stanza...really showed how broken we are...and gives rise to the question of whether or not we can recover just one more time...or will this be the final demise...

love the line "in this brutal land of Cain"

that is really excellent in reference...where is the good?

Posted 2 Years Ago

God, Terps! this is breathtaking. you're a juggler, a conjurer who can produce mesmerizing lines.
so beautiful, it's impossible to read only once. terrific!

Posted 2 Years Ago

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