Murky Depths

Murky Depths

A Poem by WillaDanvers

Sometimes we succumb to the pressure of our minds, and sometimes we pull on those times to create words and poems


Sometimes I wonder what it would be like,

To disappear under the water and not come up,

A singular breath held in my lungs,

Just letting it seep into the water, air and life,


Fire encasing each of my lungs, completely,

No need for another breathe of air I do not want,

Let me disappear beneath the surface,

It’s not as if anyone would notice,


Clean and sharp dive from the surface of concrete,

Slicing through the murky cold waters,

Nothing seen for eyes shut to the demons of the world,

Releasing my pain into the empty depths,


Laughter bouncing from above the surface,

You all seem to be having such fun,

I wonder if you would notice it at all,

Before it is too late or maybe you wont,


Slim figure silently under the water,

Diving through the darkened depths,

Feeling at home, cold, empty and unbroken,

A metaphor formed to represent me,


Sometimes I wonder what it would be like,

To disappear under the water and never come up,

Let me suffocate beneath the murky substance,

Releasing the last of the life I do not want.

© 2018 WillaDanvers

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"To BE or not to" - an oft thought of soliloquy. I guess it depends more on the ORDER (as in level) of the SILENCE we each believe we live within. 2 and 3 A.M awakenings and kitchen tables - AC hum ...sunrises you didn't really awaken to see... life as we live it, seldom as we want it.

Posted 1 Week Ago

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Added on January 31, 2018
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Gisborne, East Coast, New Zealand

I go under the pen name Willa Danvers as she was a character of mine that I never got around to writing. My writing all falls under this name as it was the only way I felt comfortable releasing my wor.. more..