Disorders of the People

Disorders of the People

A Poem by WillaDanvers

Humans weren't built to be perfect, but they weren't built to suffer the judgements of others either. Be kind.


We don’t know what you want,

Only assumptions from society,

Small bodies, with thigh gaps,

Lean torsos and limited fat,


We find ourselves so wrapped up,

Checking those numbers in scale,

Pinching the fat behind the mirror,

Finding the errors of our figures,


Some do it for the other sex,

Others want to be perfection in skin,

To feel happy with themselves,

The must be skin, bone, and nothing,


It starts out innocently,

But morphs into something deadly,

From a little weight loss and trimming,

To measuring every single morsel,


Finally, we find happy in the mirror,

And then sometimes asks us to eat,

I can see your bones so easily,

Please just eat some more food,


I can see between your thighs,

And your legs don’t touch at all,

Not even your knees,

Please, just eat some more food,


If only it were that easy,

We have different ideas of beauty,

Yours, strong and healthy,

Mine, thin and without fat,


We don’t know what we want,

Society is controlling us complete,

Eat more, don’t be so skinny,

Stop eating, you don’t want to be fat,


It’s a thin line that we walk,

Or a thin line that we eat,

Starting out so innocently,

But ending in so much trouble,


Eating disorders, mental disorders,

Neither can fight forever,

When society is always there,

Belittling, and casting us down.

© 2018 WillaDanvers

Author's Note

We all know someone who suffers from a mental illness. That I don't doubt. Maybe you don't, and lucky you if that is the case, but please, don't judge those that do. It's a struggle for us, but we are trying our very best. It's more common to suffer from Anxiety, or Depression, or an Eating Disorder, etc., and maybe it's just that it's more recognized these days. Or maybe it's because Society, and us, have gotten so much more judgemental and critical of our fellow humans. So next time think before you hurt someone, think before you criticize, think before you judge. Just think. And be kind. Please.

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and yet WE are "society" as well as ourselves... we too have conceptions of image behind the making up of our choices

also verse three last line ..."The" or they?

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

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2 Weeks Ago

That is true Chris. We struggle with ourselves and yet we find ourselves conforming to society at th.. read more

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Added on February 1, 2018
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Gisborne, East Coast, New Zealand

I go under the pen name Willa Danvers as she was a character of mine that I never got around to writing. My writing all falls under this name as it was the only way I felt comfortable releasing my wor.. more..