A Poem by FlatLineBeauty

Remember when we were younger 
We were so in love
Acting like we were going to take on the world
Hand in hand

I still remember the first time 
When you took me into your arms
It was like this inner peace
Washed all over me

Do you remember the way
You used to hold me close
All night long
Just so I could sleep

Remembering how we used to talk 
All night on the phone
Some nights I would fall asleep
And I'd wake to your voice

Remember that time you came home from work
I was cooking your favorite
You put on a new song you heard that reminded you of me
We stopped everything and just danced slowly

Remember the way I used to look at you
Like there was no one else in the world
Anyone could walk by 
My eyes glued on you

I wonder if you remember my eyes
The way you used to stare for hours
Just drowning in them
They were your personal galaxy

Remember the how I used to trace your face
My fingertips just tracing lightly
Gentle and soft
Like a whisper

Don't you remember
The way you loved me at one time
I remember being your world
I remember the happiness....

Remember when it fell apart
The way you tossed me to the side
To just run off with some girl 
You didn't even know

I remember how you abandoned me
On the road in the middle of the snow
Blood dripping down my legs
Watching you drive off with her

Remembering the bitter cold hitting my face
My tears stung and I swear they turned to ice
Just the way my heart did
When you killed it

Remember after I was mad
I still tried to make it work
I really tried to forgive
You kept going

Remember the way you watched me break
Breaking down in sobs for you to stop
Begging you to see how much I loved you
You didn't care

I remember clearly as you turned your back
The day I tried to take my life
You just left and walked out the door
Hoping to find my lifeless body

© 2017 FlatLineBeauty

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The first half comes across as a romantic dream, nostalgia for what might have been. The second half exposes the brutality and hurt of a broken relationship.

Well written, with a good eye to a supportive structure in the verses, and a telling sense of the pleasure and the pain.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on June 15, 2017
Last Updated on June 15, 2017