Boredom is a disease

Boredom is a disease

A Story by Tiny Drop

Boredom is a disease... It eats at you from your very core and soul. Sometimes it stars slowly before you even notice it, other times it merely sweeps you up in a tornado of emotions and leaves you numb, without knowing what you should or want to do. It's a cold feeling which grows from inside the very own heart. Then like blood it pulses through your veins. Nothing else can stop it but yourself, and most of the times your willpower is just not enough.
It tells you to do one thing, when you should do otherwise. It makes you say 'yes' when you know you should say 'no'. Boredom is a very twisted being. It enjoys our misery. It gets off on our numbness and we, stupid as we are, let it have its fun and throw us away the next morning, as if we were nothing more than a cheap w***e. Boredom is laziness's best friend. One can't live without the other. They share everything.
When boredom arrives, laziness tags along to stay indefinitely. It makes us wanna rip our own heads off since we know we should be doing something in order to achieve our goals and we are not. Why? Because laziness took over and when it comer, it stays for as long as it wants. Boredom. Laziness. Failure. Disappointment. It's a cycle. A never ending cycle. Once you get stuck there's no way out.
We should do our best to entertain ourselves in those moments. Some people sing in order to keep boredom away. Some dance or read. Some even take more drastic measures such as gambling. For me, writing does the trick, unless something outside my story catches my attention. Oh, a notification!
Damn. I'm bored.

© 2017 Tiny Drop

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Added on June 10, 2017
Last Updated on June 10, 2017


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Tiny Drop


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