Law of Nature

Law of Nature

A Story by Tiny Drop

The ground moves under the tree's roots. The earth shaking with a new unraveled feeling. A seed grows into a tree. A tree burns when a sudden lightning strikes. Its beautiful ceremonial pyre burns brightly under the waning moonlight. Its colors radiate throughout the night like a star who forgot to say goodbye.

A single rabbit turns its black coal eyes to the ghostly figure of the burnt tree. Its eyes shine sadly for one single breath then an owl sings the hunter's whistle and the rabbit flees hurriedly down under some darkened bush. Its heart beating faster than a drum on a lively and futile parade.

Deep inside the forest the pyre burns as a painful cry echoes deep in the rumbling wilderness. A pained cry which echoes in the silence like shattering china, breaking the night's loneliness into a warm chaos of sound and weariness. The night shifts as the sun starts to peak through the clouds. Its rays warming up as the temperature rises. Deep inside the bushes the curled bunny peaks through the foliage. There's a curious look in his eyes as he sees the owl retreat into a hole in a high tree. Suddenly a smile graces its whiskers.

It has once more survived the night, once more it has outwitted the sharp owl. Its victorious smile doesn't last long however, as a gunshot shatters the daybreak. The bunny's small body lies now in a pool of crimson blood.

It survived nature, but could not survive a ball of lead.

What terrifying creatures men are...

© 2018 Tiny Drop

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Added on January 20, 2018
Last Updated on January 20, 2018


Tiny Drop
Tiny Drop


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