Urd's Plea

Urd's Plea

A Poem by Wolf Alfatherson

Based on an experience I had while communicating with my gods/goddesses last night. I've taken considerable poetic license with the wordage, but the experience was as described.


I spoke to my gods one night,

and they spoke to me.

Most of them gave me advice,

shared their wisdom, see,

yet when I did speak to Urd,

she appeared to me.

A young maiden fair she was,

kind and gentle, most comely.

Young and nubile was she,

bursting with fertility,

yet she was a fearful sight,

for her flesh was cut deeply.

All down her flesh, her blood ran,

from her cuts deep and ghastly.

Her face bashed in brutally,

she wept oh so tearfully!

She cowered in the darkness,

locked in a place so lonely!

I tried to reach out to her,

touch her with my hand,

to caress her bleeding wounds,

hoping heal her I could,

yet there was naught I could touch,

for it was as though I was,

grasping at a reflection,

vapor slipping through my hands,

so instead I spoke to her,

asked her how she came to be,

so beaten and so bloodied,

carved up with so much cruelty.

Then with tearful sobs she gazed,

deep in to my soul you see.

Then with a soft, trembling voice,

she did speak to me.

"I am Urd, goddess of birth,"

"creation, fertility."

"I bring forth life o'er the earth,"

"from my womb most joyously."

"What a wondrous thing I do!"

"If only the world knew!"

"Yet for this I'm most hated,"

"loathed and scorned, lacerated."

"You've hurt me too much to know,"

"by spurning the women so."

"Others have hurt me as well,"

"more than I could ever tell,"

"by their hatred of new life,"

"creation and birth so swell."

"You drive your women so hard,"

"by the whip with lashes sharp,"

"through the schools and then to work,"

"that they may never give birth,"

"to their ancestors reborn."

"No wonder they're so forlorn!"

"Jewish money merchants need,"

"profits to fulfill their greed."

"Governments need taxpayers,"

"to finance their dreadful wars."

"Men see women as sex toys,"

"to be used and thrown away"

"and the women do see men,"

"as wallets with which to pay,"

"for every useless thing,"

"they can think to buy each day."

"Women use their children to,"

"extort their husbands' money,"

"yet rarely doth any think,"

"about life's wondrous beauty,"

"or how good it is to bring,"

"those long dead to life again."

"You cut off your sons' foreskins,"

"so that they will hate women."

"Men and women each do hate,"

"each other with venom great,"

"yet unless they each do love,"

"each other with love's good grace,"

"I can not hope to give birth,"

"to life once more on this earth."

"So do you hate your children,"

"that you even kill them when,"

"they are not even yet born,"

"barely even yet half formed."

"Why do you so deeply hate,"

"the life I would bring so great?"

"My womb teems with souls to bring,"

"back to life once more again,"

"yet you're too wrapped up with greed,"

"for worthless things you don't need."

"You just don't see the beauty,"

"that I have to offer thee."

Urd then did clasp her hands o'er,

her womb filled with souls of yore,

old folks who had been restored,

longing to be born once more,

and then once more speak did she,

the following words to me:

"I guess I will now go back,"

"into the darkness so black,"

"a place which is so lonely,"

"for there I must locked up be."

"There just is no place for me,"

"in the modern world, see."

"None want to give birth to life,"

"and so they just don't want me."

"There I will wait as I weep,"

"bitter tears of heartfelt grief,"

"for the souls all bottled up,"

"in my womb oh so locked up,"

"as you cut me, beat me so,"

"for the life you wouldst not know,"

"as I long to see the day,"

"that give birth I again may,"

"to all the life within me,"

"with all its wondrous beauty."

Then with weeping, tearful cries,

Urd she faded from my eyes ...

© 2019 Wolf Alfatherson

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Content wise, I fully believe it. I haven't personally worked with Norse gods, but I have seen many of the things described.

Around the middle the poem starts to feel overwhelming, though truthfully I'm not skilled enough with poetry to suggest a fix.

Posted 17 Hours Ago

Wolf Alfatherson

7 Hours Ago

Thanks for your thoughts.

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Added on May 16, 2019
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Wolf Alfatherson
Wolf Alfatherson

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