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Hiding Beneath It All {{12.3.2009}}

Hiding Beneath It All {{12.3.2009}}

A Poem by

I''ve crossed over once more
I've opened the untouchable door
I can't believe you all let me fall
You tried so hard but it didn't help at all
I've decided I can't go on this way
But there's no other way these days
So maybe I'll just leave
I'll still be here, just not "me"
I'll be the shell
Smiling through the hell
Crying the nights away
Because you let me get this way
I kept begging you to pull me up before
I fell to rock bottom, crashed and burned, hit the floor
And I guess you tried
But I still feel I died
Or I'm close to it
If I'm only close, dont let me hit
Maybe you can salvage my broken bones
Mabye you can save my mind before is blown
Before I lose all of me
And it's you i leave
My mind is just a useless sieve
There for all of you to use me
I'll help you
But how do you help me?
I can't take much more this time
I don't want to be on the floor crying
My body is nothing more than something
To help me laugh, to help me pretend to bring
Something to you all
But you still let me fall
Were you just to weak
To hold this thing up? *me*
Or did you just get bored,
I asked for nothing more
Than a little of the time
I helped you get by
Before, but I guess I'm
Just here to rhyme
To listen, advise
And I don't need any help
Do I?
Maybe I'll just hide...

© 2010

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Added on February 11, 2010
Last Updated on February 11, 2010
Tags: heartbreak, longing, depressing, earthshattering, love, hiding, beneath, it, all


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