Dancing Upon Eggshells

Dancing Upon Eggshells

A Poem by Wynter Ignatius

Take my hand
And draw in close
This dance we dance
Upon eggshells
From horizon to horizon
From dusk till dawn
I won’t let go
If you will do the same

Shall we waltz
Boxing out our troubles
With simple movements
For complex problems
With the occasional twirl
Just to mix things up
Controlled chaos
Before spinning out of control

What about a tango
Where two people connect
Touching dusty corners
Of mind, body and soul
Sharing more than
A simple breath between
Lip service given
But never asked for

How about we jig
And feel joyous
From head to toe
Cares melting away
With rustic folk sounds
Celebrating this life
We have in knowing
The other is close by

Or even swing
Let it make a comeback
For nostalgia sings loud
Gets the heart pumping
Yet another reason
To dance our troubles away
Giving it all for the future

Shall we slow this down
And dance with grace
Taking a higher path
Rather than taking it easy
We can be close
Without upsetting others
The rare few times
We connect in unseen ways

But no matter what dance
We choose to enact
To ease our weary souls
A constant struggle
To not fall down
Or step heavily down
Upon the eggshells
We dance upon still

For we can dance
And converse at length
All the while keeping the peace
Without a single touch
Shyly from across a room
As kids at a school dance
Each unwilling to say
What requires a sure step

So we tiptoe around
The room and one another
Rather than cause fuss
Other partners on the card
Waiting for their turn
To dance with someone
Just like you
And just like me

So I will dance alone
A solo ballet if you will
Rather than cause
Any cracks or breaks
Of a fragile foundation
Bowing with every step
Not needed the pressure
Of another dancer

With my leave I do hope
For more stable ground
For you and those closest
To dance upon
Without fear
Of it failing or fault
To trip and drop you
To unforgiving ground

For I can’t keep
Dancing on eggshells
Because fragile foundations fail
Under even the most simple moves
But fear not the fall
Or uncertain footing
As we all dance to
Our own special beat

I will still dance
I will be found dancing
But on ground my own
Meant for me an another
That wants to waltz
Outside the box
And dance with me alone
From now till my dusk

© 2015 Wynter Ignatius

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Added on June 17, 2015
Last Updated on June 17, 2015


Wynter Ignatius
Wynter Ignatius

La Crosse, WI

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