I Will See You On   The Other Side, I Promise

I Will See You On The Other Side, I Promise

A Story by J.L.Hopper

Four Stories From The Waiting Room Beyond The Grave




Archie.. My Boy

My Darling Son

He Left The Earth For This Place  

Way Before I Ever Did


It Started Back In 1924

He Was But 4 Years Old

And Already Quite A Handful

I Would Always Find Him On top Of The Chicken Pen

Throwing The Hens Off

One Day I Asked Why He Always Did Such A Thing

And He Said It Is To Watch How They Fly Pa


Over The Years His Interest In Flying Grew

He Would Build Elaborate Contraptions Which

He Thought Would Allow Flight

They Never Did....


We Always Thought It Was Just Some Curiosity

A Faze



We Even Got Him A Flight In One Of Them Fancy Aeroplanes

Cost Almost All Of Our Savings


It Wasn't A Faze After That Flight He Kept Building

More Contraptions


It Was About 3 Months After His 7th Birthday

That He Came To Me And Said

"I Got It!"

I Said What Have You Got?

And He Just Smiled


At Midnight I Woke To The Horrible Wail

Of My Wife’s Scream

I Ran Outside To See Her Clutching Our Dear Boy

A Mess Of Blood, Wood And Feathers

Skin As White As The Clouds He So Desperately Wanted To Soar Above

He Got It....... My Archie Got His Wings



I Remember Them All

Like They Were Yesterday

What The Authorities Call My Victims

I Call My Works Of Art

Elaborate Portraits Of Misery

Crafted By My Own Hands

I Remember Them By My Keepsakes


The First Two A Lovely Old Couple

I Snuck Into Their Quaint Little Caravan In The Dark Of Night


A Packet Of Marlboro Reds And A Pair Of Reading Glasses

That Is My Keepsake For Them

The Thick Smell Of The Dark Tobacco Stained The Caravan

Instantly I Noticed The Smell My Dad Smoked Them

And The Glasses Remind Me Of Her Eyes Because Even Though

They Were Stricken With Fear They Were Beauty Magnified

Like Dark Grey Rain Clouds Ready To Refresh The Earth


My Third A Very Polite Young Man

Hitching In The Rain

He Said He Had Been Studying Late And Missed The Final Bus To The Dorms

A Pencil Which Had Been Chewed On Is What I Have

Because Even Though I Fancy Neither Sex

He Had A Smile That Could Put Butterflies In Any Living Souls Stomach



My Fourth And Last Artwork Is The One Keepsake That Would

Be My Demise A Lonely Widower I Met In This Dingy Backwoods Bar


We Exchanged Words For Hours

Tired From My Many Months On The Run

 I Slipped And Spent The Night

In The Morning I Crafted My Art

Taking A Small Golden Cross Necklace Which Would Later

Be Recognized On Me By The Waitress In The Local Diner


I Was Pinned In A Hotel Room Somewhere I Have Never Heard Of

For Two Hours I Resisted The Grave


I Wonder What Keepsake The Rookie Officer Kept

To Remember His First Artwork




Down By Route 12

Just By The Overpass

Sits The Burnt Out Skeleton

Of Our Roadside Coffin


Flashback To Our Short Lives


We Were On A Happy Road Trip

To Far Off Destinations

Not Yet Travelled By Me And My love


We Wanted To Seem Them All

Oversized Inanimate Objects

Broken Structures Of Worship

And Kooky Roadside Eats


We Had Not But Just Started

Our Journey

Not Knowing It Would Be Our Last

Together Or At All


Already Having Stopped On

Two Occasions

We Decided To Grab

Some Nourishment


After Filling Ourselves

Within Bursting Point Mind You

We Set Off From Our

Delightfully Dirty Pit Stop


As We Pulled Off Onto The Long Road

We Were Met With The Outstretched Thumb

Of What Would Be Our Demise

I Refused But Her Being The Bleeding Heart She Is

Forced Me Roadside To Let Him Enter

Our Coffin......


He Was Kind Enough

Small Talk Was Made

And About An Hour In

Our Highway Hell Tour Began


I Glimpsed Our Guest Leaning Forward

Only For A Split Second

And Suddenly Felt A Surge Of Pain

Through The Back Of My Skull

As My Vision Blurred I Heard

The Deafening Wail Of My Other Half

Then I Was Unconscious


Coming To All I Remember In Our Last Moments

Were The Strangled Screams Of Her

As He Sickly Had His Way With Her

Then I Heard One Shot

He Said He Left Me Alive To See How Easy It Was

For Him To Have What He Wanted


She Got It Easy I Was Dragged Back To Our

Wheeled Casket Along With Her Lifeless Body

And He Set Me Alight

Sealing Me To This Construct


Now All I Wonder Is Am I The Only One?

If So Why Us?





I Had To Fire Stevens That Day

As Hard As It Was

We Just Cannot Have Someone Like That

Representing The Company


In My Whole 15 Years (3 As Manager) At The Business

I Have Never Had To Give Anyone The Boot

It Was Hard

Watching Him Pack 20 Years Of Belongings Into Cardboard Boxes

And Shoving Them In The Back Of His Old Ford


But Again We Just Cannot Have Someone Like That

Representing The Company

No Matter How Long He Has Been There


Anyway After All That I Just Felt Like A Release

So I Organised To Stop And See Jessica Before I Went Home

And Had Dinner With The Wife And Kids That Night

So Like I Always Do I Left The Office Around 6:30

Just As Some Cleaner Was About To Start Mopping Up

(I Could Have Sworn He Said Something To Me But I Don't Know)

And Said Catch Ya To Rudy The Security Officer

Passing By I Swear What Was Stevens Old Ford


I Arrived At Jessica's At About 7:00

And By The Time I Had You Know... Relieved My Self Of The Days Stress

My Wife Calls And Says We Need Some Butter And Milk

So I Said I Would Swing By The Store On My Way Home From The Office


I Said My Goodbyes To Jessica And As I Pulled Away I See

This Old Ford Coming Down The Road

 And The Guilt Just Set Right Back In



Poor Guy Had Been There Twice As Long As I Had

And With A Sick Wife And 4 Kids I Bet I Didn’t Make His Day

Or His Week

I Pulled Into The Store At About 8:15

(I Swear I Saw That Old Ford Out Of The Corner Of My Eye)

Got What I Needed And A Couple Of Beers for The Ride Home


I Had Just Pulled Into Home And Started Getting Out Of My Car

When I Was Struck By Several Bullets

I Fell To My Knees And Begged Whoever It Was To Show Mercy

And Just Before He Took The Last Shot Into My Skull

My Eyes Fell On That Old Ford And He Said

"This Is For What You Have Done To Me"


© 2017 J.L.Hopper

Author's Note

Please Ignore The Strange Way In Which I Write I Am Very New To This Type Of Story Writing/Prose

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Added on December 29, 2017
Last Updated on December 29, 2017
Tags: Experimental, Suspense, Horror, Dark