A Chapter by Hannah Rose

Fourth chapter to Harper’s City of Silence.

In her city “Old Times” were filled with angry terror
In her city “New Times” were not faced
In her city “Old Times” were banished from the border
In her city “New Times” had no place

As Harper made her way down the silent city streets towards her tenant building, she began to contemplate the silence of her society. The days events, and her poor colleagues condition, had forced her to consider the affects of sound.

She recalled what she had learned in school. The silent city had been established over two centuries ago in year 8002. The land the city stretched across was one of that last pockets of inhabitable land, not ridden with disease.

When she reached her tenant building, Harper did not go to her room to fill her time with common pass times like reading or drawing on her silent coloring pad. Instead she climbed the stairs to the roof. The sun would be setting. As she made herself comfortable on the empty roof, Harper could see birds flying over the horizon. Birds are kept out of the city because they chirp and cause a lot of noise. However Harper knew all about them by reading her bird encyclopedia, which she had requested from the library, an entity of the silent city she got to visit once a month. They could be all sorts of colors, black, brown, or bright colors like, yellow and green. They could come in many different sizes, and their wings allowed them to fly.

In school Harper learned that humans could once fly, but not with their own wings like birds. They used big, loud machines. All things that fly are loud.

But Harper thought it would be fun to fly, and she liked birds. She had seen one during the time of tragedy that struck her city almost a decade ago. It had made pretty sounds that Harper dared wished to hear again.

Harper feared her thoughts, which came in pictures and visions of words and sentences from her school textbooks and library books. Her thoughts that questioned the silence of her city had accelerated since she started at the pencil factory. Was she witnessing the negative affects of the sacrifice made by pencil makers? Was she becoming like progress?

As the sun disappeared and the stars began to make their appearance, Harper headed back inside. The lights would be turning off soon, and she didn't want to be stuck walking down the stairs of her tenant building in the dark.

She let her thoughts haunt her freely that night, and did not cork them like usual. As she drifted off to sleep, she found herself wondering if her silent city would always keep out the birds.

© 2018 Hannah Rose

Author's Note

Hannah Rose
I’m aware of grammatical errors, but still welcome corrections!

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Added on January 3, 2018
Last Updated on January 3, 2018


Hannah Rose
Hannah Rose


I am 20, a barista, and a student. I plan on teaching English as a second language in a foreign country after graduating college, and I love to write. I am also a Christian and hope to use my writing .. more..


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