Chapter 1:The Princess's Demise

Chapter 1:The Princess's Demise

A Chapter by Yoshiyuki

A little peak at my next short story "Wooden Princess"


              A lady wakes up in sweat, her heart beats in chaos. “Why? How? How can my army be decimated so quickly? Was it just another dream or a premonition?” She bites her lip. The moonlight shines through her castle windows, casing her crimson eyes to glow. She stares up to the moon, as if hoping for answers. But the moon does not speak; it can only calm her soul. She looks down up the bottom of her castle, staring at the cherry blossoms below.


              “I will protect you all. Even if my army is decimated I will sacrifice my all to protect you all.” With a solemn voice she speaks to the cherry blossoms. Tears start to fall from her eyes onto the cherry blossoms.


The majestic princess stands tall looking out of the castle of the rainforest. Hidden within the rainforest is the castle. Those who are lucky enough to cross paths with its beauty can only stand in awe. The castle decorated with luscious green leaf designs, and vines that cover the walls. The princess was elegant in her shining white dress designed with baby blue leaves that accentuated her curvy body. She looked down upon the rainforest with concern. The forest which she has looked over has been slowly getting smaller each day. This was once a luscious landscape with trees that stood tall with its mighty green leaves.


A tall man with a short grayish beard stepped into the room of the princess. His demeanor was one with little patience. “Princess I have terrible news humans have wandered into the barrier, also an unknown being has infiltrated our fortress. We don’t know its intentions.” The man said with a worried tone. The princess turns toward the general, with sharp eyes she commands him. “Unknown being? We need to ready our army! We will not let the humans get any closer to our treasure. Also where is this “unknown being” I will handle this matter myself?” The general shakes in fury of the princess’s decision. “We can’t let you handle this matter it is too dangerous! I have already deployed the army leave this matter to me. If you are harmed the kingdom will fall.” His deep voice echoes throughout the room. However, the princess gives him an intense stare. “I will not argue with you on this matter Moriota. I have a duty as the princess to protect my Cherry Blossom Kingdom. The army can do so much let me handle this petty matter. I am sick and tired of staying in here.” She storms out of the room. Moriota can only stand as she walks to her own demise.


The princess wanders off through the forest of her kingdom. She strips off her princess gown revealing an assassins armament. Equipped with hidden blades and poisoned weapons she sets off to find this being. Soon after setting off she senses the being. This being stands still as though he never spotted the princess yet. The mysterious being dressed in a black cloak with a huge silver scythe on his back stared into the sky. The princess carefully sneaks behind the being with her knife readied to kill at a moment’s notice. The dark night helps her conceal her position. Just as she was to strike the being with great force and speed drew his scythe and slashed away into the princess’s direction. Crimson blood spattered throughout the forest painting the cherry blossoms with gore. The princess’s screeching scream echoed through the kingdom.

© 2011 Yoshiyuki

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Its pretty good!!! But I think a little more description would help. Like where the princess set off to. The rainforest or somewhere else? There are quite a few grammar problems, but I'm going to ignore all but one, since grammar problems can be fixed easily. The one sentence that should be fixed I think is "She look down up at the bottom of her castle." She is looking down so the word up doesn't really belong there. I'm sorry if I'm being harsh, just the way I am. But truly, this is an intriguing plot!!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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