Hiding in the open

Hiding in the open

A Story by Yui Tarsis

Another submission for another contest, heh. I think this one will turned out pretty well.

Hiding in the open

  Ever feel alone? It's a sad thing.

  One thing that's worse? Being with people.

  The only thing you ever do is hide your greatest weaknesses, just for their acceptance.

  Hiding in the open.

  You wear a mask, even if you don't see it yourself. You're never truly "you".

  And sometimes, people forget who they truly are.

  From those ashes, they create anew. Some make skyscrapers, and some make plastic shelters.

  Other's just make homes that fall apart.

  They use the broken pieces that they've made, and they hide themselves.

  Hiding in the open.

  They use the pathetic homes they've made, and they create a new "you".

  They lose the innocence they've been granted when they were born, and they hide to pretend that it's still there.

  Some don't care. Some say "f**k it. Who cares what they think about me?" But that's just another mask. They say that to hide from the fact that they're just as terrified as everyone else, and soon it becomes a part of them.

  But just as always, they're hiding in the open.

  This may sound sad, or it might sound like I'm saying this just to be like you, but that'd just be another mask, wouldn't it? I'd be like everyone else.

  Hiding in the open.

  It's weird. Even though I wish to deny it- we all do- it's still a part of us. It'll never change. No matter what, we're always hiding.

  We're always hiding in the open.

  Isn't that just human instinct? When you don't want to seem weak, you hide. But us? We've made a new way. We've made a way to form a mask over ourselves, and that mask becomes our new face. We're always there, and we're always hiding in the open.

  Soon, it becomes hard to break that mask. Impossible, even. But that's just how we've raised ourselves.

  It's weird.

  The phrase seems impossible, but all of us do it every day.

  All of us just continue to hide in the open

© 2017 Yui Tarsis

Author's Note

Yui Tarsis
One of my more depressing works, but you gotta admit it's pretty damn true. I won't deny it, and it doesn't matter if you do.
Besides that, hope you enjoyed reading, heh.

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Added on January 18, 2017
Last Updated on January 18, 2017


Yui Tarsis
Yui Tarsis


I'm creative, I love dogs and drawing. Anime is basically my life next to- of course- writing. I love something new at all times and enjoy others work just as much as my own! more..

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