Chapter 1 - Coincidence

Chapter 1 - Coincidence

A Chapter by Zerohands


The first three chapters are 5k words each as they reveal each character's motives, personality, how they deal with things and to help the reader understand each character as all of this will increase your experience through the story, starting from chapter 4+ it will be max 1.5 to 2k words, enjoy.


On the sound of alarm, a beautiful young lady woke up and pulled off her blanket. An exciting day it was for her, first day of her second year in high school.

Her name was Kira, Kira Smith. A beautiful young lady with grey eyes, long black  hair and an average athletic body. Her father was a police officer, her big brother was a college student, studying law. Her mum was a housewife.

She organized her room and rushed to the bathroom but as usual her old brother Mike is in there taking his usual 30 minutes shower.

**Knock knock** - "Mike, could you please hurry up? I don't want to be late for school!" - said Kira while knocking.

"Sorry little sis'. Gotta' wait for your turn" - said Mike while showering.

Kira crossed her arms, waiting patiently outside the door - **Ten Minutes have passed**. Kira knocks again - "MIKE, I don't have enough time for God sake!" - she shouted at the door.

Mike opened the door and stepped out in his towel - "Jesus, calm down" - Said Mike. Kira just pushed him aside and went in - "You JERK!". She had no time, she took a quick shower, brushed her teeth and went to her room to change.

She took a few bites from her breakfast and ran outside to catch the school bus but she was late.

"Geez' thanks a lot Mike, you stupid jerk!" - said Kira in anger while stomping the ground.

"Argh" - she had no other choice but to walk to school as there was so much traffic jam.


At the same time a male in his forties was rushing into a building. The building was a huge skyscraper with a logo on it's top that said - "Nyxx Corporations".

He rushed into the elevator - "Excuse me, passing through, hi good morning!" - said the male as he squeezed himself between the other employees in the elevator.

Upon reaching floor 58 he walks out heading to the laboratory section with quick steps. He opens the door and walks in.

"Sorry I'm late, good morning, how are we doing?" - asked while unpacking his bag, placing some documents on the desk and reaching for his plastic gloves.

"Good morning, Dr. Marcus, 98 percent done so far. Twenty minutes and we're done with the serum" - replied his assistant.

"Fabulous. I'll go get us some coffee let's hope I don't end up meeting Nyxx, you know how she is with her employees, geez" - said Marcus while walking to the door.

"Haha, let's hope not" - said the assistant while chuckling.

Marcus stepped out of the laboratory heading to the coffee machine until noticed Nyxx MacMillan, the CEO of Nyxx Corporation standing aside with her assistant, both discussing business while Nyxx's back is facing him, more like she's not paying attention to him.

He tried to pass by behind her, sneaking and trying to be stealthy.

"Dr. Marcus!!!" - Said Nyxx without even turning to him.

He froze in his place like a thief that just got busted by a cop.

"How did you-...?" - Asked Marcus with a shock on his face.

"Oh please, you always use the same perfume you never change it, plus, you're the only one who arrives late every day like that!" - Said Nyxx with a cold tone.

The pretty blonde turned around and made an eye-contact with Marcus.

"So, how much progress have you achieved with the Serum?" - Asked Nyxx while tapping her right toe on the floor with her arms crossed.

"W-.. well it's all ready. I'll head to the lab and test it myself" - Said Marcus with a nervous tone, not surprising since he's talking to the CEO right now.

"Great, I'll attend the test myself" - said Nyxx with a wicked smile on her face.

"W-.. whaaaaaa? Since when do you attend-..." - and before he finished his sentence she interrupted him - "Since now, I hope you still remember my warning, this is your last chance, if this test fails, I'll end the project and no more funds for it" - Said Nyxx with a strict tone.

"Understood, let's head to the lab and test it" - Said Marcus in submission.

He opened the door for her to walk in then followed her.


In the meantime, Kira was walking down the street while cursing her luck and her big brother - "I hate him I hate him I hate him that BIG JERK!!!!!" - mumbled Kira while crossing the street.

"WATCH OUT!" - A yell came from across the street. Kira was crossing the road without paying attention to the red light and a truck was heading her way, speeding.

"Huh?" - she looked at the van, it was the first time she felt that fear, the fear of death and seeing all her life memories before her eyes. At this time she knew it was her moment of death.

But then she felt something grabbing her. A young man swiftly wrapped his arms around her and jumped away from the truck with her in his arms. Once they hit the ground the young man looked down at her and grinned. He had an eyepatch on his right eye, his clothes were a bit torn and a messed up hair.

People gathered around them to check on Kira - "Are you ok? were you hurt? any injuries?" - pretty much what she heard but Kira was still in a shock. She kept looking right and left, trying to find the one who saved her but no luck, he's gone.

"Be careful next time, young lady" - said one of the shops owners while patting her shoulder. She nodded and went on her way, this time paying attention to her surroundings.

**In her mind - 'Phew, that was close, I thought I was gonna die. I couldn't thank him though, shame' **

She sighed and moved on to her school. She arrived late of course and opened the door to her class, heading to her seat.

The teacher let it slip since it's the first day of school. Kira took her seat next to her best friend Mira and immediately took out her notebook.

The teacher started calling out the names one by one, those who were present raised their hand.

"Max!" - yelled the teacher. A blonde boy raised his right hand - "Present!" - said the blonde. He had so much confidence since he's the school's director's son but Kira didn't like him nor did she like his attitude.

"Kira!" - yelled the teacher. Kira raised her right hand and responded "Present!".

The teacher nodded and proceeded with then next name - "Leo!" - But there was no respond.

"Leo, is he present?!!" - Asked the teacher.

"Probably taking a sunbath in the trash, ahah!" - said Max as the entire class laughed after the comment.

The teacher sighed and shook her head.

The classroom's door was pulled aside and the same young man she encountered walked in but he was limping on his right leg.

The whole class kept looking at him like he's some sort of a trash. Kira on the other hand felt really bad.

**In her mind 'Oh no it must be from back then when he pushed me away from the truck, this is my fault, oh my God'**

"Are you ok, Leo?" - Asked the teacher as she noticed him limping.

He looked at the teacher and raised his right hand, giving her a thumb up with a grin.

Kira looked at him for a moment then back to the teacher, she pulled her pen out but unfortunately it was broken due to the fall she had from the incident.

She sighed then noticed Leo's hand offering her a pen. She looked at him and saw the same grin on his face.

Her friend Mira took out a napkin and snatched the pen from her hand. "Hey, what're you doing?" - Asked Kira as she raised her eyebrow.

"Trying to protect my best friend from diseases" - said Mira while cleaning the pen, she then gave it back to Kira.

Kira felt terrible and knew he would get offended by that. She turned to him and before she said a word she saw him looking back at the teacher, listening carefully and writing down on his notebook.


In the meantime Marcus was about to begin the test. He filled a syringe with an orange glowing substance and walked to a glass box with a lab rat.

Nyxx was watching from the side behind a glass wall with her arms crossed with a serious look on her face.

Dr. Marcus began the experiment and made a small cut to the rat then injected it with the serum. in a few seconds the lab's wound started producing some steam and then blew up.

"Oh God" - Said Marcus.

Nyxx shook her head and stepped out. Marcus chased after her - "Ms. Nyxx please, let me explain" - said Marcus, desperately.

"No need, Marcus. This project is done" - Said Nyxx with a strict tone.

"You can't do that, do you have any idea how important this is to me?" - Said Marcus with an Angry tone.

"I know, your daughter has a late stage cancer and you're trying to make this serum work to cure her, but it's out of my hand. I've been funding this project for two years now and it costed the corporation over two hundred millions so far. I'm so sorry, uncle, Marcus" - Said Nyxx while tapping his shoulder twice.

"How could you do this to me? to your nephew! At least give me a week. I'm positive I'll figure out what's wrong with it and fix it up!" - Said Marcus Desperately again.

"And then what? inject Sarah with that unstable serum and have her blow up like that labrat? No no and no! I'm sorry but it's final, the project is closed, we'll figure it out together and find another way to save her but not THIS!" - said Nyxx before walking off.

Marcus felt so desperate and left the building, furious about his failure and how Nyxx shut down his project.

It doesn't mean Nyxx is a bad CEO who doesn't care about lives, she has also been funding a secret project for another serum, trying to find a way to cure Sarah, Marcus's daughter. But she had to keep it discrete to avoid any attempts from the competition company "Penter" from stealing that serum, she was reaching the final stages of that serum only her and her trusted assistant knew about it.


In the meantime the class was over and it was break time. Kira looked at Leo and offered him the pen back - "Thank you" - said Kira with a smile.

Leo took the pen with the same usual grin and gave her a thumbs up. As he tried to push himself, Max passed by and bumped his shoulder into Leo's, intentionally.

Leo tried to keep his balance but fell down on his butt due to his injured leg. Max and his two buddies laughed. 

Max stopped beside Leo and looked down at him.

"Stay like that. That's how low you are compared to everyone else" - said Max, mocking Leo.

Not just that Max walked to that door limping on his right leg, mimicking Leo's injury to taunt him.

Leo looked down and just grinned.

Kira gasped and tried to give Leo a hand but Mira pulled her by her arm - "Are you out of your mind? Trying to catch a disease or something?" - Said Mira while pulling Kira.

"What?!! What're you-...?" - Said Kira but she got interrupted by Mira who pulled her away out of the class, leaving Leo there.

"Stop!" - Said Kira as she pulled her hand off. Mira was shocked as it was the first time Kira shows such discomfort.

Kira headed back to the class but Leo was no longer there.

She decided to head to the cafeteria, maybe she'll find him there.

She got her meal and looked around for him until she saw him sitting alone on a table by the cafeteria's corner.

She smiled and headed to the table, and without asking she took a seat beside him. Leo noticed her and felt a bit nervous. Why? Kira was one of the most beautiful girls in school, she was popular, smart and usually gets high marks. Leo on the other hand was smart but not popular . . at all.

"I hope you don't mind me sitting here" - Asked Kira with stunning smile.

Leo just grinned and raised his right hand, giving a thumbs up. But there was someone who was so so so displeased by this and that was Max. He was deeply in love with Kira, he couldn't dare to ask to sit with her on the same table in the cafeteria and now she's sitting with . .  Leo. That raised his hatred towards Leo even more.

"I wanted to thank you for what you did this morning. And I'm sorry about your leg. It looks bad, I'll call my dad and after school we'll take you to a hospital, ok?" - Said Kira with sympathy.

Leo shook his head and write on his notebook then showed it to her - "Thanks but I'll just tell my parents and they will afford the hospital expenses, don't worry". He grinned while holding the notebook.

She didn't want to push it and make him feel discomfort - "Well, ok. I'm Kira by the way, it's nice to meet you" - Said Kira as she offered a handshake.

Leo held a note with his left hand that he usually uses to introduce himself which said - "Leo, nice to meet you" - he held Kira's hand firmly and shook it.

Max's rage levels reached the danger zone as he saw them smiling to each others, now, hatred and grudge were eating his heart out.


In the meantime Marcus went to the hospital to check on Sarah, his daughter who's got a late stage cancer.

He knocked on the door twice before walking in.

"Daddy!!!" - said the little girl with a bright smile on her face, she seemed so cheerful upon seeing her father, she spread her arms awaiting for him to approach her bed to hug him.

He smiled and hugged her tightly.

"How are you feeling?" - Asked Marcus, trying to keep his smile for as long as he could.

"Had a little headache this morning but now I'm feeling better. Hey did you know Nyxx visited me this morning?" - Said the little girl in excitement.

"Oh . . . she did?" - Said Marcus.

"Yes, she also said once I get better she'll take me to the amusement park and spend a whole day there" - Said Sarah in excitement.

Upon hearing that Marcus couldn't help it. Tears poured down his cheeks, knowing his daughter won't live long to live that day.

"Dad? What's wrong?" - Asked Sarah with a sad look on her face.

"Nothing sweetie, I'm just happy and excited about the day you recover" - said Marcus as he forced a smile.

He spent sometime with her before taking his leave. He went outside to speak to the Doctor responsible for his daughter's condition. The doctor shook his head and told him the following - "She has maximum of one months. I'm sorry" - said as he patted Marcus's shoulder twice before walking away.

Marcus walked off feeling like he's drowning inside. He arrived at home and sat on his desk. He looked down at his research documents then swept them off his desk, all sorts of feelings were conflicting inside him, anger, rage, sadness and sorrow.

"What am I supposed to do? My poor baby. . . oh God please help me!" - Said Marcus while crying.


In the meantime Kira was taking note in the class. As the class was over she packed her stuff and was about to talk to Leo but, as soon as she looked at his desk he was gone.

She went out to the yard, looking for him but no luck. And of course she missed the school bus quite the luck she has.

She sighed and decided to walk back home until she saw Leo walking into an alleyway.

"Oh, there he is" - said Kira in excitement.

She got curious and decided to head there as well to see what he's doing in that alley.

**In her mind 'is he trying to take a leak there? 0.0'**

He then sat down and opened his book to read it. Kira was watching by the wall without exposing her presence.

**Kira's thoughts - 'Wait, don't tell me he lives here'**

Leo reached for the garbage and searched through it until he pulled out a dogfood can, he then used his index and middle finger to eat from it. A rat approached Leo's feet. Leo took a piece out of the can and placed it on the ground for the rat to eat from it.

A few minutes later it started to rain. Leo grabbed a plastic bag from the garbage and moved it above his head to protect him from the rain.

A male placed an umbrella above Kira's head - "Young lady? What're you doing here?" - said as he glanced towards Leo.

Kira gasped and looked back - "I was just...."

"Leo, huh?" - said the male - "Look young lady. I don't know you and I don't know what your connection to him is, but better keep it outside that alley. You're probably sympathizing with him but let me tell you this, he doesn't like it when people help him out of sympathy, and he never tells anyone about where he lives for his own reasons, so whatever happens make sure he doesn't figure out you know where he lives, if you really care about him then at least respect his secret, have a good day" - Said the male before walking to the bar.

She went back on her way thinking about Leo and how tough his life is.

She went into her house, thoughtful and not paying attention to her surroundings.

"MY SWEET KIRA!!!!!!" - said her father as he dashed to her with his arms spread for a hug.

"Hi dad" - said Kira as she walked up the stairs without even hugging him, thoughtful to herself.

"Eh?" - Her dad froze in his place like a statue after being ignored like that in a hugging pose. He looked like an idiot with his lips shivering and the only thing that paid attention to him was the door.

"How humiliating" - Said Leah his wife, teasing him.

"NOT FUNNY!" - Said Smith, like a child complaining.

Kira spent the night in her room, unable to sleep after seeing Leo in that alley.

In the meantime Marcus was still sitting on his desk, staring at his research, he decided to pick it up and read through it all over again until a word attracted his attention in the research.

"That's it! OF COURSE!!" - Said Marcus in excitement, he thought to himself, maybe there's still hope.

He started writing notes and decided to head to the Corporations labs at night and do some experiments on some lab rats.

On the next day Kira prepared for school and got on the bus in time. She got arrived in the class but this time Leo wasn't there.

Max and his buddies arrived late but other than that things seemed normal. But not to Kira, it was unusual for Leo to be absent.

She spent her day as usual until break time. As she headed to get her food she heard one of Max's buddies saying the following.

"But damn, Max went full Rocky mode on that Leo guy, it was hilarious he kept smiling like a retard"

She decided to check on him even though school wasn't over yet. She ran outside and went to where Leo lives.

She stood by the wall, peeking at him and that's what she saw.

Leo leaning to the wall while holding a picture and staring at it, all bruised up and seems like he took quite the beating. Not just that, his books were torn off as well.

**Leo was staring at the picture that had him, his mum and his father however, his father's face had an "X" mark on it. He was having flashbacks of the last time he saw them while staring at the picture.

His father came back drunk and went to the kitchen. He yelled at his mum and called her a w***e. He found out that Leo wasn't his biological son which means Leo's mum cheated on him. He was too upset as he thought Leo was his kid and wanted to pass his legacy to him but that's not the case anymore. He grabbed Leo's mum by her hair and started slapping and punching her. Leo was still eight years old, he tried to push him off his mother but his father was obviously stronger. His father grabbed a knife and tried to stab his mother to the throat, Leo intercepted it and took the knife to his right eye which explains why he uses an eyepatch on his right eye. Leo started bleeding and his vision went completely blur. His father pushed him aside. Leo fell on his right side unaware of his surroundings.

His mum screamed and tried to wrap her arms around him to shield him from his brutal father. His father started stabbing her with the knife while yelling "You B***H, HOW DARE YOU, F*****G WHOE!"

A few minutes later Leo's vision slightly came back to normal. His father wasn't there anymore and his mum was surrounding by a blood pool, taking her last breath. Tears poured from his left eye while blood drops were pouring down his right.

"You . . . have to . . run" - said as she barely smiled with her left palm over his right cheek.

"Don't lose your necklace" - said as she touched the necklace around his neck.

"Live, my little boy. Never lose hope. Keep your head high and no matter how tough life will be . . . Always . . . smile" - said his mum with tears pouring down her cheeks.

"S-.... smile for me, Leonardo. Please" - Said his mum while taking her last breaths.

Leo nodded and tried to force a smile. And then his mother's hand finally fell down to the floor, she was gone **


Leo forced a smile while looking at the picture and the tear poured down from his left eye on his left cheek

Leo forced a smile while looking at the picture and the tear poured down from his left eye on his left cheek.

Kira couldn't bear to watch, she went off back to school. She felt heart torn for Leo being beaten up like that by Max.

Kira managed to reach the school one minute before the break was over. She went back to class and as soon as her eyes were laid on Max she felt furious.

She waited patiently to confront him after school. And so the bell rang.

She waited outside for Max and his buddies to pass by. And they did. She tapped his shoulder twice to get his attention.

Max turned around - "Oh, hi Kir-..." said Max but got interrupted by a sudden b***h slap on his left cheek.

"Wow wow wow" - Said one of Max's buddies, trying to keep Kira away from Max.

"What in the hell is your problem? Why do you hate him so much?" - Said Kira with a furious tone.

Max smirked - "You must be talking about Leo. Oh well, what're you gonna do about it?" - Said Max, full of confidence.

"I'll report you to the director and the police" - Said Kira in anger.

"And then what? You don't have a proof. And even if I got arrested. I'm a minor. A couple of days and I'll get out And then my dad will pretty much expel both you and that piece of trash? . . . You don't want him expelled, do you?" - Said Max with confidence.

"You're out of your mind" - Said Kira in anger.

"Am I? Well, do whatever you want but trust me, it won't end well for you . . or HIM" - Said Max as he took his leave, chuckling.

Kira went back home. And yet again, she opens the door and-...

"KIRAAAAAAAAA!!!" - ran Smith to her for a hug but yet got ignored.

He sat by a corner like a child who just lost his lollipop, mumbling and complaining to himself like a five years old kid - "My daughter doesn't love me anymore, I wanna die" **;-;**. Mike passed by with a glass of water as he saw his dad like that - "How humiliating" - Said Mike being sarcastic. "F**k you" - Replied Smith.

Meanwhile Kira was sitting in her room, thinking about Leo and how she could help him.

On the next day Kira went to school as usual. Leo didn't show up again. She spent her day at school as usual and decided to check on Leo. She went to the same spot to watch him. She saw him climbing on a metal ladder, heading up to one of the windows of that old building he lives next to.

He was barely able to climb up with just his left hand and left leg. His right leg was still injured since the incident with Kira and his right arm is all bruised due to the beat up he took from Max and his friends however, he still managed to reach that window, he put some food on a piece of paper on some birds nest to feed the baby birds. He then climbed down and sat back to the wall, reading his notes and minding his own business.

Kira spent sometime there and was late as she didn't pay attention to the time but then she decided to take a bus back home. Right then one of her father's colleagues saw her. When he returned to the station and had a conversation with Smith he told him he saw Kira by that alley and he should tell her to be careful around it as bad people usually hang out there.

Kira returned back home but this time her father was waiting for her with a serious expression.

"Where were you?" - Asked Smith.

"We had some extra lessons and I had to take them" - Said Kira with a nervous tone.

"You're lying" - Said Smith with the same serious tone.

"No, I'm not lying, and why are you questioning me?" - Kira got irritated as she wasn't in the mood for any discussions.

"Don't talk to me like that, I'm your dad and I'm worried about you" - yelled Smith.


Smith only felt his hand when it slapped Kira's left cheek. Kira felt the slap then looked back to her father, shocked by the fact that he just slapped her for the first time. At that moment, Smith knew he crossed the line by slapping his precious daughter and he should have been wiser.

She ran up stairs, sobbing, she quickly locked her room and dropped herself on her bed. Smith tried to catch up but she closed the door to his face.

Smith waited in the living room with Mia. hoping Kira will calm then for them to have a civilized discussion until . . they heard a sound outside the house, Smith opened the door and check it out and then he saw Kira running away.

"KIRA!" - yelled Smith as he quickly grabbed his coat and tried to catch up to her. But, he lost track of her already.

Kira kept walking down the street and it was after midnight already, her feet took her to the main street by the alleyway where Leo lives until some bulky guy encountered her, he seemed high and was holding a knife in his hand.

Kira was so scared she didn't know what to do. He walked to her and grabbed her arm.

"Come on, we're gonna have some fun together, hehe" - said as he tried to pull her.

Kira screamed - "Help! Somebody! HELP!" - she was too scared to think straight.

"Shut up, I'm warning you!. SHUT THE F**K UP!" - He got sick of it and stabbed her to the stomach. Right then Leo heard the screams and rushed outside. He saw Kira laying there with a blood pool around her. He quickly took off his shirt, ripped it and tied it up around the wound.

Kira's phone rang as her father was calling her. Leo grabbed the phone and sent him a message of their address while applying pressure on the wound.

The wound had to be cleaned up but Leo couldn't leave Kira like that. They need help, Leo can't shout either. He applied pressure with his left hand and grabbed a stone from the alley beside him. He tossed it to the bar's window with all his force.

The window broke as soon as the stone came in contact with it. The owner came out totally pissed - "WHAT THE FUC-..." - he paused as soon as he saw Leo and Kira on the ground.

Leo made a gesture to him for a bottle of alcohol. The owner ran back to the bar while calling 911 for an ambulance to arrive to the scene. He ran back to them with a bottle of whiskey and poured some on the wound. Kira screamed due to the pain and stings caused by the alcohol.

**Leo had flashbacks of how his mum was dying and he couldn't do anything about. A deja vu of the same situation happening with Kira, he felt so powerless**

Kira's breath went slower and slower until her heart stopped beating. Leo panicked. He gestured the bar owner to apply pressure on the wound while he placed both his palms on Kira's chest, trying to perform CPR.

He pressed down hard enough to make her chest move inward about 1.5 to 2 inches and he kept repeating it over and over again. He then connected his lips to hers trying to blow some air into her lungs, over and over again until she gasped and her heart beat again.

And finally the ambulance arrived. They took Kira in and that's when her father arrived.

"Oh God!" - said Smith, panicking. He quickly got in the ambulance, scared to death for his daughter's life.

Leo couldn't get in the ambulance, they didn't let him and he didn't know the way to the hospital.

He decided to ask the school's staff in the morning.

Meanwhile the hospital staff took care of Kira as best as they could but there was bad news. She lost too much blood and she needs blood transfusion or else she'll die in a few days.

Her father raged - "How is it possible a hospital like this can't do a simple transfusion?!!!"

"Sir, please calm down. Your daughter's blood type is "O" negative and it's very rare. I'm afraid there's nothing else we can do unless you have a donor who's ready to do the blood transfusion but it has to be "O" negative" - Said the doctor.

Smith was in a very bad shape, watching his daughter connected to all these medical devices, helpless there while he could do nothing to save her.

"Oh God, what have I done?!" - said while crying outside her room.

On the next morning, Smith went back to work to ask if any of his colleagues is "O" negative but unfortunately he wasn't lucky enough.

Mia did the same but still no luck. She passed by Kira's school and went to the director's office. She ran out of options. She panicked every time she thought of how her daughter will die like that.

The director was understanding and made an immediate announcement for all the students and school staff to gather outside in the main yard.

He explained the situation to them and requested if any of them is "O" negative. The students all looked at each others and started whispering, seems like none of them is "O" negative. Mia fell on her knees, crying as she completely lost hope of saving her daughter until she found Leo standing in from of her with a grin on his face, holding a note with his left hand and his right hand extended to Mia as a way to offer her help.

Mia looked at the note and it said - "I'm "O" negative" - tears poured down her cheeks as her prayers were heard and now there's a new hope for her daughter's survival. She wrapped her palms around Leo's hand - "Thank you, thank you, thank you".

-*End of Chapter 1*-


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