Andrew Nelson Stewart Andrew Nelson Stewart
In poetry and to find answers of who we are while walking the ephemeral road upon cracks of pain signs leading you.
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I Might Steal A Kiss

I Might Steal A Kiss

A Poem by Xeru

I might steal a kiss..
Might take a trip...
My arms around your waist..
And find my place in your personal space..
Engage your soul as I examine the curves of your face..
While my hands have other plans..
Of drawing a physical silouette so sublime..
Right here.. right now.. Your house or mine..
Forgive me for skipping "Hi"..
Ever feel like if you didnt take what was yours you would die?..
Thats why..
I'm skipping the trivial introduction..
And prepping you for the Manifestation of Lust and...
Putting you in this moment off guard..
In my attempt to make it sooooooooo hard..
For you to say no..
You know how far I want to go..
These moments come so few.. you know what i want to do..
So let it ride..
Let it ride..

© 2012 Xeru

The first mistake
A band of soldiers finds diplomacy in the dreg forest comes with consequences.

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I like the chemistry and the lust hidden away in this piece. I can picture this truly taking place ... it would be an awesome pick up line, "Engage your soul as I examine the curves of your face, While my hands have other plans of drawing a physical silhouette so sublime" --- Favorite line --- Forgive me for skipping Hi --- very smooth.
Like always GREAT WRITE!!!!

Posted 4 Years Ago

I can't for the life of me figure out why there are periods after each line. I don't think it effects the poem either way, just trying to understand lol

I really like it! Not what I was expecting from the title but I'm glad it went this route... really good! :D

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Incorrect is incorrect. They. Are. Dots. >:) So shut up and if you're going to stalk me out, the lea.. read more

4 Years Ago

That makes no sense :)

I sashay my creepiness

4 Years Ago

I make complete sense in everything I say. ;p

This is true... O.o

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on April 12, 2012
Last Updated on April 12, 2012



From tha Illadelph but somewhere else

I"m a pessimist with positivity. The oxymoron anomaly..Giving u the edited edition of raw hood hip hop precision. Xeru the lyrical,literal, mentally digital,spirit in the physical. Intellectually chis.. more..

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