Right side up

Right side up

A Story by Zypy Kirubi



        He held me against his masculine frame and slowly swung my hips into a smooth, sensual waltz in the middle of his bedroom. Still swaying to the music, I gradually unbuttoned his shirt, slid it from his shoulders and tossed it aside. He unzipped my skirt. I froze. Lo and behold, one could easily confuse him w/ a freaking saint! Being w/ him was thrilling me thru n thru. Every sec...every min. I took a step back away from the bed. Sensing my hesitancy and working hard to dispel all last sec doubts, he scooped me into his arms. We kissed...naturally as sunrise. Soft, sweet n tentative. My body perfect, made for his. A groan of pleasure bubbled up in my throat. We had finally caught ourselves at the edge of madness in record time.

"Wait wait waaaiitt...Am sorry.. but I hv to go" I hv never considered myself a coward but here i was, taking the cowards way out...jinxing a beautiful relationship with no apparent reason.

 "What?" The shock on his face became real. Heat, passion and  more heat. "Jeez! what a sick, morbid and cruel prank? I plan on making you eat every one of those depressing words. Come here my love" His voice was now low n rich timbered. A voice obviously made for seduction!!

          He leaned over to place another kiss on my lips but I pulled away just in time as the music stopped.

"No am serious...I gatta go" I spat at the same time feeling my heart drop to my feet.

 Frozen in place, unsure how to act, he shot me a grimace of shock.

"Look,this is the most painful, heart-rendering decision I have ever made. We need a break tho I might come back... who knows" I cld almost feel my spirit being tugged in different directions by my need to be w/ him.

"A break? Again? Just like that? What have I done this time?" His brows snapped together.

"Nothing. u bn amazing..oh well..I can't talk about it right now. I just have to go" I quickly tied my braids up and grabbed my purse from his bed.

"Splendid! Please don't bother coming back" The terse words seemed to hang in air for a long time. I could tell he was hurt. Deeply hurt. The fire in his eyes was something to behold.

"O really? Fine! I was planning on coming back but now I won't!..anyway on a serious note, I think we are both not  merry w/ the way things r going at the moment but we shldn’t take it out on each other. We have a lot of issues to wade thru and the best thing for us right now is for me to leave" If I stayed n let him work his magic on me, if he kissed me a few more times, sexual tension wld hv threatened to overflow, rapidly, turning into ranging lust. He gave out a sigh and draped himself on the bed as he silently watched me adjust my top and zip up my skirt.

"I still love you, you know." I paused and assured him with a measure of concern.

No reply.

I went to the door, opened it and paused again.

Still no reply.

I trudged out into darkness. My recent and continous annoying actions had so much potential to blow up my relationship with him even though he was a patient dude. Three minutes later, I was speeding towards the airport. In deep thought! He was everything I had ever wanted in a man. A man of compassion, of deep understanding, a man of clear vision n intelligence.  I always appreciated his sexy and formidable look.

       Yet, here I was....cutting and running from him the first chance I got? Why? What was I most afraid of? A broken heart...like in the past? but he had promised. A promise he had not raptured! He remained the same...loyal n trustworthy! At least I didn't have to worry about him cheating coz he genuinely loved me n respected our relationship. A bonus I cldn't afford wasting!

      I shook my head a little to clear my fuzzy mind then made a quick, dangerous...illegal U-turn that almost rattled the tires on the smooth road. Thunder. Lightning. Visibility low. Winds howling. Rain and icy-snow pummeling the roof of my car. I managed to blink away enough tears to see the next highway exit. I was heading back....back to my man. Back to his warm embrace. He had turned my world right side up; I was going to do the same to his. This time, with a torn-asunder resistance and a blind risk.

© 2014 Zypy Kirubi

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Zypy Kirubi
Informal...broken rules

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Added on August 18, 2014
Last Updated on August 18, 2014