The Travesty of the Unspoken Mind

The Travesty of the Unspoken Mind

A Poem by _Azreal_

Pulsing behind his silent visage, a slender form of disinterred beauty lay;
 her features obscured by the soft veil of long distant memories.
How long had he stood here, willing her to move?
If only a single hair were to stir in response to his longing gaze,
Perhaps then he could find some measure of peace, yet nothing came.

In a cold, still pocket of existence they continued their "debate" with renewed fervor.
Each with their misconstrued ideals of who was right and wrong,
 ripping at the flooring between them as the rift became a divide.
Tile upon tile cascading through the hole unto oblivion.

In a world where loving one another brought them such pain, yet nothing burned worse than being apart;
He wonders to himself, of these two, who was truely dead?
Lost in the depths of his self pity he almost felt not the icy touch of a palm to his cheek.
Followed slowly by the familiar soft, warm feeling on his cheek of her slender fingers plucking the tears from them as if nothing more than a cobweb of times past.
She whispered to him in an ethereal voice almost too enchanting to be real, beckoning him home once more.

He awoke to a particularly surreal sunrise on the dawn of a new era of his life,
 turning over to reveal the sleeping form of this woman he had always lived for.
Her smile igniting a new flame in his heart and repairing the once broken frame of his mind.
He cast out his tear stained pillow case, in favor of the warm bosom which comprised the rock of his unsteady heart.

© 2017 _Azreal_

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Added on October 2, 2017
Last Updated on October 2, 2017
Tags: poetry, mental health, internal monologue, thoughts




Ireland, 22; Been writing all my life, not about to stop now. Prone to long bouts of writers block more..