A Poem by _mal

Sam the invisible man sits quietly
Down amongst the f*g ends and chewed gum,
In the metre wide strip of shade
Kindly provided by the lip of
Open mouthed shops
Cap pulled low when he's tired
When his eyes are shaded
That's when they'll risk a glance
Well loved guitar cradled on his knee
Or leant against the wall
Behind a sign politely worded
Condensed, 'need extra money for food'

He will sit there all day watching the world sliding by
a nod and a kind smile, teeth tinged green and brown
Conversation if it's wanted
Gums and weather lines a
Painful idea of his history for some
And by the time the cooks from family friendly restaurants
finally emerge
he will have changed spots
And one might share a smoke with him
if they've not got somewhere else to be.

Sam watches quietly, unassuming
but eye contact and an honest smile for whoever
actually looks
as they scuttle past in a wide arc headed for their warm cars
And his tongue gently probes another empty socket
May be thinking of a family he had
Before all This

© 2016 _mal

Author's Note

Wondering if I should take that last line out

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Written with a true poets eye. The observation is acute, the last verse, particularly that 'as they scuttle past,' exactly how it is.


Posted 1 Year Ago

You should take the last line out.

Ha.. "sam the invisible man"

You have a natural style with words that is very catchy. You write good and stuff... probably just in general you do this. Congratulations.

Posted 1 Year Ago

this is very striking and definitely makes you think but it is written with such a nice flow to it and reads with ease. you hace captured the thoughts of this man very well and i enjoyed reading it. thanks for sharing :)

Posted 2 Years Ago

i would leave the last line out....the "Before all this" is ripe with impact...

perhaps that last line could be a sequel....i like how you have the people walking the big arc to avoid him...but the others do make eye contact and maybe share a listen to his guitar playing....i would drop money in the case and wish it could be more...that makes me so sad....but he is entertaining folks....and they should appreciate his effort...he isn't just begging.

a very moving write.


Posted 2 Years Ago

-- i think the last line is very powerful, poignant and insightful... -- yes, there are "different types of broke"... i'm one kind too and while i may never live on the streets, i know at least one part of what it feels like to be broke... and so if Sam and i exchanged glances, he'd know that i understand the meaning of unending agony... and i'd be able to feel at least some part of his plight...

Posted 2 Years Ago

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A Poem by _mal

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