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Raise your hand if....

Raise your hand if....

A Story by Andrea A. Wentz

Another story for Family In Training. Not particularly funny but had to write so I never forget.


I should have known there was something a little different about Riley.  She always listened, never went into her own little world like most babies.  Only 4 days old and we were riding in the elevator to a doctor appointment and Aaron says, "Hi Riley!" and she looks up and directly at him.  I should have known then that she was a little different.

At about a month old she was crying really hard.  She had eaten only an hour earlier so we figured she couldnt be hungry.  We'd covered all the other bases, comfort, warmth, diapers, etc, yet she was still really upset.  Finally Aaron, in his weird humor, said, "Alright Riley...If you're hungry raise your hand."  Immediately her left hand and arm shot up as if lifted by strings.  I was shocked!  We got a good laugh and once again tried a bottle.  Sure enough, she wasn't lying!

A few weeks later, once again she was really upset.  Aaron asked again, but this time her hand did not raise.  We made a bottle anyway and tried.  Nope, that just really pissed her off!  Turned out she was tired and had worked herself into a fit.  Poor baby :(

Another week later and again she's crying hard!  Aaron asks the same question, and again her hand flys up as if on strings!  Sure enough, she was hungry!

Now maybe all of this was just weird happenstance, infact that's most likely, but it was still funny as hell!

© 2009 Andrea A. Wentz

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That is quite an interesting story... it is amazing how perceptive babies really are but the hand raising thing is certainly an amazing feat for someone that age.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on January 25, 2009


Andrea A. Wentz
Andrea A. Wentz

Phoenix, AZ