A Perfect Doll

A Perfect Doll

A Poem by Abby Lyn

::Nothing's like it seems::


A perfect doll

Ruby red lips

Shoulders covered with a shawl

Blonde hair

Flows like liquid gold

An angel sent by prayer

Heart shaped face

Rose cheeks

Long dress in lace

Blue eyes

Shine like diamonds

The perfect guise

A perfect doll

With a perfect mom and dad

You’d never think she’d fall

A perfect doll

Her lips chapped from being left outside in the cold all night, have become red.

Her shoulders covered because she’s hiding bruises and cuts.

Blonde hair.

Her father grabs when he’s angry with her, and throws her around the room.

Constantly wishing she could fly away from there, just grow wings and leave.

Heart shaped face

Red cheeks because her face is still hot from the tears she cried at night

Long dress to hide the scrapes when she was pushed down the stairs by her mom

Blue eyes

Still wet from crying, but she continues to be strong

Always playing a game of pretend, because her parents don’t want to ruin their reputation

A perfect doll.

With abusive parents.

Constantly falls, every day, every night, silently, but she’s got everyone fooled.

A perfect doll.

© 2016 Abby Lyn

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This is superbly told, and no, nothing ever is quite as it seems. How many picture perfect families airbrush their flaws from the spectators in their lives, who never get to see the reality of who these people are and are the life and soul of everyone else's party. We see the veneer of respectability and never question what is under the surface, that nagging doubt in our minds that she must just be sullen as all the other members of the family are so bright eyed and enthusiastic. Maybe she knows it's just the thinnest of veneers and prays for the day that it's insides are shown to the world.
Beautifully penned Abby

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Added on February 7, 2016
Last Updated on February 7, 2016
Tags: sad, abusive, hurt


Abby Lyn
Abby Lyn


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