She is Weak, but I am.

She is Weak, but I am.

A Story by Abby Lyn

She is weak.  

Her friends look up to her, she is called the peace-keeper, and she is extremely defensive when someone tries to help her. 

Alas, she is weak.

She has a group of friends that she sticks with, but she is respected by most students. 

Her friends know her life story, everything she has ever gone through, and they think she is better now.

They have forgotten. 

They’ve forgotten how easily she slips, how she can’t reassure herself, and although she is strong around her friends she can’t help but feeling out.

Out, as in outcast, the wrong place, not like them. 

Because she is strong, she is weak. 

She is kind, and makes sure everyone has a good position and fits in, but herself.

On weekends she looks on social media and sees what her close group of friends have been doing, and she was never invited. 

When her friends worry she will get upset, she laughs and makes jokes about it, but I know she actually minds it a lot. 

She usually makes up excuses saying she was busy on that day, and she couldn’t have gone anyway. 

She lies. 

Because she is weak.

Everyone thinks she is so cool, and mature being busy all the time, when the truth is, she barely ever is busy.

But they don’t need to worry. 

And they don’t.

She is weak. Very weak. 

She lies to herself, her friends, and will try to drop subtle hints.

After awhile no one picked up on them. 

So she stopped, because she is strong.

So strong, she only needs to be a strong pillar for her friends to lean on.

She believes that is all she can offer.

But I know, she secretly wishes someone will call her and ask her if she would like to hang out, and I know she really liked this guy for three years and all of the sudden her best friend likes him. I know she gave up on him, and I know she makes herself busy instead of making herself a liar. 

I know this. 

Because I am the foundation on which the pillar stands. 

I am her strength.

She is weak

But I am.

© 2016 Abby Lyn

Author's Note

Abby Lyn
God said to Moses 'I am who I am. This is what you are to say to the Israelites, ''I am has sent me to you''' -Exodus 3:14

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Sounds like a good person to know. Sometimes people can be so self absorbed that they don't truly see the kindness and good people around them, like they are taken for granted. But the bright, helpful one, who is only too happy to put on a brave face cries alone, and I don't blame her. If only we could all stop for a minute and add up what and who is truly worthy of our time and make more time for them, the way they do for us. Your friend sounds awesome and I'm glad you introduced her to me. Tell her I sent her a smile, will you?

Posted 2 Years Ago

Abby Lyn

2 Years Ago

Thank you for reviewing, I really appreciate hearing views and feedback on my work! To tell you the .. read more

2 Years Ago

Good to know, hope it continues. :)

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Added on February 8, 2016
Last Updated on February 8, 2016
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Abby Lyn
Abby Lyn


Hello! I'm Abby! I write various things, but my main content is poetry. I'm from Alabama, USA. I'm involved in various hobbies, but I have a strong passion for music and most of the arts. I'm not ver.. more..