Ch - IV The Grooming Emotions

Ch - IV The Grooming Emotions

A Chapter by Adrams Demons

The girl finally starts to feel comfy near the stranger..

CHAPTER FOUR [The Grooming Emotions]

[It was Macy's turn to bath as I was standing outside the door frame - with no door.]

“How are you doing in there?” He said.

“Hmm?” Macy rushed fast pouring the water over the back and on her body, feeling self-conscious.

Hurrying making herself clean because of the perverted idiot haunting outside the bath door. She had actually let him close to her which was feeling like a mistake.

Stupid. She thought to herself.

And her hands were shaking again doing everything so fast because of the shadow effect of the tall male wandering against the door frame with his back turned towards outside and the infected banging around outside, on the walls and wood panels made her very tense to bath calmly.

Eventually, the infected would lose interest and and go somewhere else to feed on flesh. But how to get rid of the stupid perverted man.

“I can give you a hand if you need any help,” he said from outside the door, not for the first time obviously.

She didn’t bother to reply his stupidity.

“You’re killing me.” he said feeling alone.

“I don’t have my shotgun. If I was killing you I would probably need that,” she pointed out, in a voice so dry.

Being without her shotgun made her courage more less.

“Where is it?” she asked.

His head turned towards the place where the shotgun was and it was enough for her to see his chin, to know where he is standing but he stopped a little looking at her.

Lucky for him or her that she had wrapped a towel around herself just in case his curiosity got any worse.

Macy raise her shoulders up, sniff her armpit a little. Soapy scent was coming, no more sweat. She was smelling fresh now. It did feel good being clean after so long. He was right at some point. Not that he needed praise for it and he doesn't need to know. The power balance should stay towards her a little to keep him in control.

The bathing had taken up a lot of her water supplies. But being clean was, a required luxury.

The infected outside were ramming at the back door. She relaxed her arms down again and ignore the sound. It was nothing of worry.

“The gun is still on the kitchen counter,” he said, facing mostly forward in intention to peek. “Right where you left it.” he further added.

“I saw that, mate. Watch it.” She yelled.

“Pleaseeee. Did I turn once while you washed your hair naked? NO. I was totally in control,” he replied in his defence.

Because he was crazy.

“But wait, how about while you rubbing yourself with the soap, did I turn then? No. No, I did not. I kept my word no matter what happened. That’s because I am a decent person.”

“Decent. Very nice.” She smirked as she have heard a joke.

Something sting her knee. It was the razor blade from which she was shaving her leg, it got to her wound and she forgot because of that dumbass.

Her ni**les got hard from the warm atmosphere of the house. “You sure have a way with words.” She said to him.

“I can’t hold back. You’re such an interesting audience. You love me.” he spoke with confidence.

She stayed silent and hated herself for even speaking.

He continue speaking her brains out.

“And it’s great to have someone to talk to. Even if I can’t face you while we’re talking, which is very rude. My mother would have protested against it.” Adrams reached up and lean his arm against the top of the doorframe.

His fingers start tapping a beat against the old wooden structure. Neighbour's house wasn’t so strongly build. He was going to get himself crushed it the something cracks or falls, if he wasn’t careful.

“Stop it,” she said.

“Not a chance. Not as long as my pathetic actions makes you happy.”

It wasn't even funny. Probably because of the stress.

Then the thing at the back door created a 'thud'. Macy jumped in shock, slashing the side of her ankle. Proving that she was really in stress.

“S**t.” She said in pain.

“What?” Adrams suddenly turn around and his face screwed up in disbelief, brows frowned.

“You were wearing a towel? For how long?” He asked as all his hopes were washing away in the bathroom sewerage.

He hold a cloth from the bath counter and dropped to his knees, patting the small cut giving out blood.

“And you call me untrustworthy.” he asked in sarcastic way seeing her towel wrapped around her whole body. [while pouting]

“You were fine where you were standing.” Her hands grabbed the top of her towel tight.

“From being alone to having you around is just an adjustment I am trying to make.” She throw crap on his face by her words.

Adrams clenched his teeth and politely asked.
“I have a Question. Have you even fired that shotgun before today when you triggered it with shock? Not that I’m worried you’ll kill me in my sleep or something.”

“ Today was the first time.” She stayed still and watched him treating her cut.

In truth, she had survived more being a coward, hiding in her attic hole, than being cunning, because that would get her killed which was not wise.

“I can't even hit a house sized target.” She spoke lightly.

“You did hit the house roof back then. Almost hit me too.” Adrams smiled at her to cheer her up.

He had hair like a jungle on his head which was looking good on him though, faint, and pale skin was making his green eyes the shine that can kill someone right in the chest. He was almost young but not younger nearly twenty-four or twenty-five. He maintained it well.

Lovely, faded, grassy-green eyes that made her lost for awhile. If it was a normal life and he would have met her somewhere and smiled like that, she would have smiled back.

“I nearly did shoot you,” she said. “Why would you smile at that?” she asked.

“Because...... you didn’t shoot me. Also because you were defending yourself. Both of these things made me happy.”

He grabbed a tube of medical cream from the first-aid kit and squeezed some onto his fingers. “I should take care of this wound while we are like this. Stay still.”

He frowned looking at the wound focusing on it, as his fingers stroking the cut on her knee. Suddenly his touch was very gentle this time.

With his face at the level of her cunny [vagina, crotch, pus*y], she started to sweat. The old towel offered very little protection. He was a total stranger, although an attractive one.

Too many emotions were running through her for one day.

“It is probably just a nail under the fence. I can deal with this wound.” Macy tried to grab the medical cream, but Adrams stayed ahead of her, hiding it behind his back.

“Personal space please?” she asked roughly.

“Hush. This is not good.” He continued stopping her like she is a kid, getting closer to her knees. She could feel his warm, breath on her leg where the towel was hiding her skin like a skirt. It tickled.

“There might be some antibiotics in the cupboard for the pain. I’ll have a look. I think we’re done here.” he finished tending to her.

“How does it feel?” The corners of his mouth lifted, slowly as he smile and she stared for a moment.

Nothing of her normal self remained, beside the space the perverted man inhabited makes him wonder if she should be embarrassed or angry or what. He made her feel exposed.

The thing at the back door started up a constant hammering. Maybe more than one of infected zombies were rattling the space, by the sound of it. They were out there, waiting.

What was she going to do?

“Hey. It’s okay.” His eyes were full of warmth and affection.

He didn’t even know her personally.

“No need to panic. We’re safe,” he said. “Everything’s locked tight.”

“Yeah.” Her face was confused although she was safe. In her head she knew it. But in the depths of her bunny heart, she didn’t believe it.

“I should get dressed.” She said quietly.

The man got up to his feet, taking up all available air in the tiny bathroom.

Then he asked. “Another question. Why were you heading for the roof when this place is locked up tighter than a vault?”

She said. “The last news reports said to get onto rooftops, closed attic's if you could …” Macy shrugged and twisted her lips.

Why had she remained in the dirt and dark hole when there was a whole house available to her?

“I felt safer up there. Can you move, please? You’re in my way.” She tried to avoid his conversation.

“Yeah, but …”

“Move. Please.” She said again without letting him speak further.

Adrams said nothing and didn’t move, he stood still and stared down at her from high, his mouth open slightly. The look he gave said she was being a stubborn bit*h, but he was too kind to say that in words.

Screw him. Macy tighten her cheeks and fought the fear. Being cornered by him made her worse and the ba*tard just kept doing it. He didn’t understand s**t. Why she cared where she stayed or felt safe or understand.

She spoke controlling her temper at the best she could. “Look, they can still get in. You don’t know what can happen. If enough of them pressured against the door, they can break it down.

Last time I checked, no one had made a survival guide for this particular situation where zombies attack in the locked house and there was no where to escape from, so you can keep your f**king opinions to yourself, okay?” The words poured out from her mouth hot and fast.

Damn. Not good. Maybe she had lost it. He thought.

“I want to get dressed now.” She said with angry expressions on her face.

“O-kay.” he said gently.

Macy pull her wet hair back from her face, then took a deep breath and tried to calm down.

“Can you move …” he started speaking outside of the bath.

“We can find a safer place out south, you know.” With no warning Adrams took off his t-shirt over his head, dropped it to the ground and started to un-buckle his belt.

Like it was no big deal.

“Wh-what?” she asked him.

“Yeah, yeah. Something with a fence, we can build up so we can be safe out during the day. Be able to see anything coming at us from a distance.” he continues to talk.

His hands took off the belt and button and open the zipper. Her face blushed red. She hold up her hands to cover her cheeks while his jeans dropped.

“I’ve been using a bike, but we could find a small four-wheel car. We can just switch cars when we get stuck by a roadblock. What do you think?”

Think? Yes, she needed to think. To do that he had to stop being naked infront of her. He had to stop pushing. “Wait.” he thought something.

“I say we should head out tomorrow. You can get packed up by then, yeah?” He place his hands on his black cotton boxers.

Her knees trembled.

With a worried expression, he asked, “What’s wrong now?”

“You.... You... need to back off.” Her palms connected with the heat of his chest as she did her best to push him back.
“Give me some space. NOW.” She spoke loud.

The guy moved one small step backward and hung his head as his gaze looked upon her.
“Macy …”

“No.. You need to back off. This is not going to work.”

The man swore again and again. “You have been living up in the roof for what? Six, seven weeks? Coming down to collect salvage when you have no other choice? That’s not living, and we both know it. The world may have gone to s**t but we’re still alive, don’t you think it’s time to start acting like a living being?”

Her face clearly showed her doubts over the stupid talk because he grunted and rub his hand over his, long dark head of hair. He seemed beyond patience while his eyes narrowed.

He tightened his mouth, as if he wanted to yell at her but hold it in.

Finally, he dropped his shoulders, like a lost fighter. He stare hard at her and she did her best not to blink and keep her fear.

Her frightened inner bunny thoughts wanted to make many escape plans in her mind. Adrams noticed her reaction and he silently take another step back, he was almost back to standing in the doorway. “Better?” He asked.

She nodded silently.

“For fu*k’s sake.” His mouth opened then shut, he too has noticed the oxygen getting low in the room.

“Fine, maybe you don’t need me. I know.
The truth is that … I need you.”

Adrams crossed his arms over his chest and glared back at her. Her own arms were crossed down over her br**sts too.

He looked stupid in the flowery feminine house which had small roof and walls. He was tall for such surroundings. No wonder she had run like a bunny away from him.

She looked at his angry face. She tried to think of doing something, but struggling before had gotten her nowhere. He stood there barefoot, waiting for her in his underwear.

What the hell was she going to do with him?

Suddenly, he take his hand out towards her. “Shake. We’re starting over. Pretend we just met, like it’s our first date or something.”

“Our first date?” she looked kissed at him.

He shrug his shoulders, “You get my point.”

His hands hung there in the space between her and him. All of his words felt suspicious, and she had no crystal ball to tell if he was good or bad, right or wrong. She had no way of knowing since the world had gone to s**t.

Moments passed and his hand did not move. He waited with absolute patience.

“Alright.” She held her hand out to shake, and he covered it with both of his hands.

“Farrukh Adrams, twenty-five years old, single.” He stopped and keep glancing at her, turned his face aside and speak more.

“Divorced few years ago.

Let’s not discuss about that. I’m an engineer, or, I was. I have been travelling for the last six weeks, looking for survivors. Your turn.”

“Ah, okay. Macy Celine Regis, eighteen years old, was a student. I lived in one of the houses next door.” Done.

“Single?” He asked in curiosity.

She gave another nod. "Yep."

“Keep telling more,” he encouraged her.

“Well …” What to say? Thinking more about past but couldn't think of something special. Best stick to the present stuff, the air was left very little.

“The old lady that lived here was Katherine, she got sick and asked if I would stay with her. She didn’t have much family. My family is mostly to the south.” Her speaks in whispers, and he nods in understanding. “There was no way out. Things went bad fast. People just …” she stopped.

“Yeah, I know. There wasn’t as much military back up. The streets were insane. You did the right thing keeping your head down and being safe.”

She said nothing.

His smile widened.

“Okay, this is good. We’re getting somewhere. Tell me, Macy, did you have time to turn and run when you first saw me? You know the neighborhood well, don’t you? You’re one cunning babe. If you puzzle me while running you could have lost me easily, I think. So why am I here?”

Macy's breath stopped, stuck somewhere in her throat. She wasn't ready for such question.

“I did try to get away. It didn’t work. You’re very determined,” she pouted at him.

Adrams tighten his lips, took his time. “I know you tried. You were scared. Here’s the thing though … I don’t think you want to be alone too.”

“Are you a good guy?” she asked determined.

“Mostly I think. Define ‘good’.” he asked as the sides of his mouth went up and smile. She stayed silent.

“For instance, what do you mean am I good at things, or am I a good person?” he said.

“And as for being a good person, just because my thoughts are perverted doesn’t mean my actions would be perverted too. Mostly, I manage to keep myself in control. But, with you, I’m a little overexcited. You might have noticed. You have, haven’t you? I think I had given up on finding anyone alive and you … well, you exceed my wildest dreams.” He paused, stared at her for a moment, eyes full of sparkles.

Such green eyes. She thought. She was lost.

“But back to the question, I am good at many things. I can give you a demonstration if you like. You could judge for yourself if you like. Do you like?” he asked.

She blinked at him.

“I’m talkative, aren’t I?”

“Yes somewhat.” She said.

“You’re very kind.” He smiled complimenting her.

They smiled at each other.

She noticed that she was completely okay. Fear had not come to her mind. Panic had gone from her body.

How perfectly, weirdly, normal it was.

“You okay? What are you thinking?” Adrams asked while loosen his hands, and she managed to draw back her hand free. “Not going to escape out on me again, are you?” He asked calmly.

That was the question. She thought very hard before answering.

“No. I don’t think so.” Macy rubbed her palm against her leg.

The naked, tall man standing in her bathroom in his undies was making her nervous, with his eyes all over her was beyond the levels of comfort and she couldn't do anything but holding her towel tight.

“It's okay if you feel nervous,” he said. His fingers slide her wet hair behind her ear and then take back his hand towards him. He had a way of moving into her personal space in the blink of an eye, before she even knew what was going on.

“You know, I kind of enjoyed you against me, not the biting or anything. It was nice. I could get used to it. S**t, I really am talking stupid. I haven’t talked to anyone in weeks.” Adrams rubbed a hand over his face then let it wander in his hair.

“Funny thing is, before all this happened, my favorite thing in the whole wide world was to be left alone to get things done. I hated conversation for no damn purpose, you know what I mean?”

“Yeah,” she made little talk, while understanding perfectly. She knew talking more would make the conversation awkward.

He stepped closer to her. She stepped back, her hips hitting the sink.

“So … bathing together? Too much, too soon?” He asked nervously.

“Mmm.” she stayed quiet and tighten her lips in and grip her towel tighter, afraid it might slip to reveal more than he needed to know of her body.

The man had a way of seeing everything.

“Gotcha.” He made a funny face showing that he was joking about the mutual bath.
He crossed his hands and give her a long grin smile. “I didn’t meant to scare you with all my grand plans of going and settling in south.”

“I’m not afraid of you, or your plans.” Mostly. She said to him.

“Well, I didn’t mean to push you towards all that long plans.”

“Yes, you did,” she laughed. “You were pushy.”

He sighed. “Busted. Okay I accept my mistake, if you weren’t scared of me, then what were you back then?”

“Maybe a little scared.” She said smiling.

“Ahh. Okay. Got it.” Green eyes stared into her face. “If it makes you feel better, you scare me too. A little.”

To Be Continued ~ Chapter V ~ Naughty Bunny Mine

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