Knowledge pertaining to human thoughts: An Episode of  Gargling , Asphyxiation & Drowning

Knowledge pertaining to human thoughts: An Episode of Gargling , Asphyxiation & Drowning

A Poem by Bob Bob

No Giveways Here !!! :)


Stanza 1 - The Gargle

She was laughing

Rose & Thyme in hand

An innocent white lamb

Pure of purities

A nuanced individual but not a perfect equilibrium.

Balanced on all four paws

Not melancholic

Not Choleric

Set apart from sanguine,for there’s a not drop in her soul

Built upon foundations of phlegmatic-ness

The clock soon dried up

Time was taken out of it.

A fundamental particle of logic is an exchange of trade-off

One thing for another

A jacket for a stove.

Quite Arbitrary in nature

But, Sir aren’t  connections desirable

But,Sir, riches are desirable

But ,Sir, fame is desirable

These things are all a part of a verbalised fantasy,

Something’s Missing Sir ,

1+1 = 2

So shouldn’t (Insert Advanced Mathematica Here) ...

No.. The World is built upon ethnocentrism and the scrounging ideals of diversity and equality

If the maths adds up why are we doing this equation: (Food Production > Hungry People)


But sir “I don’t believe in the “Third World”,Every country must be respected and held accountable for their actions.Kuwait is an insignificant country but yet it receives attention for its fruits.There’s an underlying parallelism with a country like Kuwait and a country like Africa, There’s ...


Of bettering the poor workmen and feeding the pockets of the gluttons.

It is  said that “Death overtakes us all,whether we have riches or not”

It’s said that “A rich man cannot take his riches beyond the sphere of death”.

Some may speculate that it is human nature

Other may speculate over a variety of insignificant nonsense

I probably hold many keys,but many doors are weld shut like forming a restriction of sight .

The user of capitalism and the thief of things were standing eye to eye

Stanza 2- The Asphyxiation & The Drowning

She began the descent from pure elation to  asphyxiation hence drowning in her own blood.

Started with Fantasies about the greater connection between two mortals

Marriage ?

The ring was in subjection to a  greater authority

The procession continued although there was a gush of four winds

The Wind from the easterly direction represented ‘alien elements’

The wind  helmets were configured back to front.

The slightest transverse into the strange,esoteric,eccentric

Was a precursor to polytheism

A bit was all it took

Idolatry and the manifestation of sin.

It’s paw-prints were all over their hands.

It entered the judging ceremony

Within its mouth I found the tongue to be revolting,the once gold tooth implant was covered in a black bile

I saw a scroll opened, covered in impurities and sorts of writings.

Another scroll opened,filled with all types of numbers

The scrolls were closed and sealed with a stamp of approval

The words judgement has “been passed” were written on the front cover of the book.

The wind’s gave a loud shriek,groaning in anger.It’s populace incited by rage of demise,covered themselves in sackcloth.

But there was no escaping judgement even if it was a pretence of art.

The wind from the westerly direction represented enlightenment ,enlightenment of the sort which produced offspring called diversity and freedom of choice.

The King of this wind was called “human knowledge”.

It was a drunken wind consumed by its thoughts.It’s prerogative to exist was carved in sand.

The weathervane was an erratic tool one that forecasted the other side of the wind.

The westerly projection stravaged across the globe finding  a spiritual haven which sowed seeds of its  epiphany of  clairvoyance, a celebration of bliss and the practising of  thaumaturgy, arithmancy

What an aberration to see a wind in such a non-standardised pattern,straying from the definition of a ‘wind’

The king of the wind kept thrusting forwards,it’s dagger raised among the heads of its infantry waging war against the other projections of the wind.

Justified by the maintenance of order.They crowed”Order is absolute,Order is absolute ,Order is absolute”

A peculiar romance catapulted the south and north into to a spectral unification.The princes raised their crossbows upon images of their own kind .

© 2017 Bob Bob

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Bob Bob
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Lots of intriguing things in this but I can't put it together into something that makes sense to me. There is a bizarre ambience in your poem but I would say make it more accessible - if that is your intention!

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Bob Bob

1 Year Ago

I would agree,there is a lot of stuff going on,.I tried to make it resemeble the biblical chapters o.. read more
Bob Bob

1 Year Ago

Sorry for the grammar( in a bit of a rush you see...

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