Chained to the Void

Chained to the Void

A Poem by aj milton

My words - your interpretation..... My first ever poem (since infant school!)


You were designed by logic

I was created by emotion

Your joy is numbers, mine is words

Your world is black and white

Mine a pallet of possibilities

You are active and gregarious

I was relaxed and centred


Opposites attract and so we did

North and South slam together, hard to break

I could not stay away from your burning candle, consumed, aglow

Love is blind, intertwined, all joined, ecstasy, two become one and yet more

You made me whole, you helped me grow

You eased my ache


But that was then, another time, same place

Harmony dissolved and out of synch

And now I am worthless, oft ignored, no value, just a scoreboard

My heart still chained to an empty void

All is missing, I cannot break the link

© 2017 aj milton

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That sounds wonderful . Sometimes i meet with oposite people than me. Maybe i should read them your poem. Cause is just wonderful.

Posted 7 Months Ago

I really liked this. The pace is great! Slowly heating up towards the second verse, then hot in the second and cooled nicely. My heart felt a little sad reading the third verse. But I love the emotional rollercoaster you took me on throughout.
Truly wonderful piece :)

Posted 7 Months Ago

aj milton

7 Months Ago

Thanks for your comments. Yes it is a bit emotional. But cathartic to get it off my chest.
Tina H.W.

7 Months Ago

You are welcome :)
Using dialectics or even dialectial reasoning or passing off as rhetoric in this one. Nevertheless, it shows some acumen. Good!

Posted 8 Months Ago

Love this piece as others have said awesome job being your first.

"You made me whole, you helped me grow You eased my ache But that was then, another time, same place
Harmony dissolved and out of synch
And now I am worthless, oft ignored, no value, just a scoreboar My heart still chained to an empty void All is missing, I cannot break the link"

These words you could have taken from my heart. They resound from within so much in my life right now. 16yrs with one person to now no longer be in sync and seeing him love another whilst i search for a way out of the void.

Keep up the great writing

Posted 9 Months Ago

aj milton

9 Months Ago

Thanks for your comments. Your own poems touched me too. I hope you find your way back to the light.. read more
TeeJae {TJ} Hart

9 Months Ago

Thankyou. I am slowly :-)
For being your first poem ever written I am exceedingly impressed. What an amazing delivery here. As I had felt every single word as if I could have penned them myself. Terrified by the end with the prospects of being "chained to an empty void" as I personally know this unbreakable link shared between two joined souls. Opposites in perfect balance of the other. How they have a hand in every flourishing moment, in the betterment of ourselves to the point that it seems as if endless roots have become intertwined and impossible to part. So afraid of this life... That half-life... Just an utterly thought provoking piece that tugged at my every fragile heart string.

Posted 9 Months Ago

Beautiful Intentions

9 Months Ago

Goodness... Going to make me cry. Want so much to ask you how long it's been since you've been witho.. read more
aj milton

9 Months Ago

Thanks for your kind words. Yes I'm in the void, but it isn't the first time, although I hope it wil.. read more
Beautiful Intentions

9 Months Ago

This is so true. In a way just count our blessings! Feel for so many others who suffer... Who make m.. read more
i really liked the word scoreboard. at times it's like in love we just are keeping score as the clock is running out. good poem.

Posted 10 Months Ago

Really? This is your first? Very nice. I liked the way you summed up your feelings in the end. Great job.

Posted 10 Months Ago

aj milton

10 Months Ago

Thanks for the comments. yes really the only poem I have written since childhood. I may do some mor.. read more

10 Months Ago

Write away, you're good at it.
Those ending lines really resonated with me, 'another time, same place' and 'still chained to an empty void' in particular. The emotion you captured is strong, and as you said in your comment it leaves room for the reader's interpretation. I find writing poetry so difficult and have admiration for people who can! Well done here.

Posted 10 Months Ago

You compared the two characteristics of the people real well. I like the last few lines the most.

Posted 10 Months Ago

Enjoyed the read! You convey opposites characteristics well. The ending was realistic for there's nothing saying the attraction will last. Tyfs!

Posted 10 Months Ago

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aj milton
aj milton

Hampshire, United Kingdom

I read mostly fantasy and sci-fi, but as an author I write mostly Adult Romance / Erotica fiction. I enjoy reading poetry which touches my heart, but I'm not a poet, so don't expect me to critique .. more..

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