A Poem by ~amanda~

If I knew you better,
I would have known,
You have a penchant for running,
You would jog along the LA River,
Listening to artistic songs,
Wishing you wrote them yourself.

If I knew you better,
I would have kissed you the night we met,
Instead of waiting all those months,
And then have you tell me,
We were better off friends.

If I knew you better,
I would know your fingers aren’t as soft,
As they look.
And I wouldn’t have yearned so much,
For those fingers to touch me,
Because when they did it wasn’t at all,
Like I had hoped it would be.

But I don’t know you.
Even though you painted pictures of me,
And sent me flowers on Valentines Day,
And opened the car door every time I came in or out.

I don’t know you,
Even though we shared iced coffee,
At trendy bistros in Hollywood,
And I gave you the love poems I wrote for you,
Which you still have under your mattress,
Where you keep everything any girl ever gave you.
Including the shirt I bought you,
And my heart.

You don’t know me,
And I don't know you.


Maybe it was better like this.

© 2009 ~amanda~

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true poetry...I stumble if i try this sort of thing, humour is more my style...its easier...This is quite remarkable

Posted 6 Years Ago

This is really good, Amanda. I see it was posted in 2009, but you have at least one more recent review. I hope you are still writing and posting. I've been offline for awhile now myself, but am working my way back. Best to you. Nice piece.

Posted 7 Years Ago

i love this! i can almost feel this with you and that dear takes talent! well miss capricorn you have talent and you have pain...makes for a great poet!

Posted 7 Years Ago

maybe ..

Posted 8 Years Ago

Sounds like the te real whims of love... enjoyed it... nice flow... could almost be retooled into lyrics for a song... nice job!

Posted 8 Years Ago

A really sad yet wonderful reminder of what kind of a muse love can be. I enjoyed and related to this alot.

Posted 8 Years Ago

i hope you felt better after writing this. sometimes a poem is the period at the end of a sentence.
the poem itself is extremely well done. conversational. plainly spoken. not overyly dramatic. simply stating sad facts and a few regrets. at least you got a good poem out of the relationship.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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I really liked you love poem even though it was sad but hey i bet all the guys would date you

Posted 8 Years Ago

A bittersweet insight into life and love and what could have been... You weave words around us that pull us into your mystery and let us feel all the depth and emotion. Fantastic write.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Oh, a good write. How wise is the hindsight.
Best line, that summed it all up was...You have a penchant for running.
This write is of course, full of sadness that drips from the lines like tears. It is wringing and honest and I see brave fingers typing this message and pouring out anguish straight from the heart and onto this page for all to see and feel.
However, it is heartening to see a claiming back of self as the poem progresses and as it comes to its close there is no more grief expressed nor pity required as dignity is salvaged from the wreck of the cold experience.
A brave write and within its lines, a story of unrequited love is told but from the sound of it, no great loss at all. I am reminded of the saying...'you can't judge a book by its cover'.

Good work....keep it up.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Hollywood, CA

i hate filling these things in... i end up deleting everything i write and then trying for a ridiculously long amount of time to compensate for it... my name is amanda. i am a capricorn. i .. more..

adventure adventure

A Poem by ~amanda~

Letters. Letters.

A Poem by ~amanda~

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