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Then There Were Three

Then There Were Three

A Chapter by Alyxska


Artemis' POV

        I woke up with a banging headache, causing my ears to ring. Groaning as I got out of bed, I reached for my jacket. Suddenly remembering the night before, when that Alec guy came to my room, and we hung out... Right. I was just glad I didn't do anything I'd regret. Finding my jacket under the bed, I reached for it, grabbing some goodies. I just wanted to get this hangover out of me, so I grabbed my favorite vodka and some molly. I sat in my bed, waiting for it to hit me. Fortunately for my petite frame, it didn't take long at all. 
        I sighed and slowly hopped out of bed, making my way to the bathroom. As I turned on the lights and saw my reflection in the mirror, I let out an annoyed moan. My hair was still in a messy ponytail, and I knew what that would mean. Headache. Or, as I like to call it, a hair-ache. I slowly let it out, and as I felt my hair fall, I also felt my roots crying out in pain. "Hell no." I muttered to myself, running to my jacket and finding some pain killers. They get rid of this nuisance, and make me feel real good. I chased them down with another swig of vodka and made my way back to the bathroom. 
        I then opened up the bathroom cabinet, revealing all the necessities I needed. Grabbing a large hairbrush, I started brushing my hair, combing through the large amount of rat nests that had settled into it. After what felt like hours, my hair was nice and neat again. I popped my neck, and stared at myself, noticing all my flaws. Blemishes and the dark bags under my eyes. Just as I was about to wash my face, the door popped open, a small Aurora zooming in holding a cup of coffee.
        "Oh, please tell me that's for me!" I begged, turning around.
        Aurora smiled and extended the coffee to me, which I grateful and ferociously grabbed. I opened the lid, taking a big whiff of it, smiling. Coffee was my favorite smell, not to mention the fact that it masked the odor of all the alcohol I consumed. Taking a sip, I moaned happily.
        "Well, good morning star-shine!" Aurora beamed at me. I didn't know how she was so cheerful this early in the morning, especially without any time of drugs or alcohol to motivate her. It barely kept me going.
        I smiled at her, my hair falling in my face. I rolled my eyes and brushed it behind my ear. Finishing my coffee, I set the empty cup on my dresser, and opened a drawer to get some clothes. Pulling out a V-neck, I quickly changed into it. These yoga pants were far too comfortable to not wear 24/7.
        Now ready, Aurora and I walked to our first class of the day. Luckily, the schedules were the same for people in the same dorm area's, so I didn't worry much. We made our way out of the dormitories rather soon, and found ourselves outside. I closed my eyes and perked my head up, enjoying the sunshine. As great as the city was, the sun seemed shy in those parts. Here, it shined freely.

        "Hey beautiful." A dark voice I recognized all too well spoke, casting a shadow over my sunlight. I groaned and opened my eyes.
        "Oh, hey..." I responded. I wanted to slap myself for being fazed by Alec's charms. I'm normally not so easily swayed... What's with this guy, that I'm not even myself?

        He walked closer to me, making me feel anxious. We were mere inches apart, and all I could do was stare up at him. Alec smirked as he winked at me and brushed my hair back. Suddenly, Rora cut in and pushed him away. I  was never more thankful for her than that point. 

        "Someone got up on the wrong side of their bed this morning!" Alec mumbled, not taking his eyes off of me. I smiled at him, my eyes gazing into his.

        "F**k. Off. Alec!" Aurora yelled. Alec didn't seem to back off. All he did was look at me continuously. Suddenly, the bell rang, causing us all to jump. Aurora grabbed my hand and pulled me away from Alec. I kept my head turned around, watching him as I was forced away. I sighed, and turned back around. I was beginning to feel more like myself, the further away from him I got. But I still felt like I needed to be near him. Something was most definitely wrong with me. I've never needed anyone before.

        Aurora had pulled me into a classroom and guided me to a couple seats in the middle of all the others. I sighed again and sat down. "What is wrong with me?" I mumbled.

        Aurora's eyes were filled with concern, but she didn't say anything of the sort. "Hey, it's okay." She said, placing her hand on mine. "Alec seems to have hat effect on almost all the girls."

        I nodded my head, not whole heartedly agreeing with her. There was something up with him... And me. I stared ahead at the empty chalkboard, waiting for class to begin. I needed to get my mind off of all things boy related. The class slowly started to fill up. I was looking down, staring at my desk, when I felt... Something. Looking up, I saw a boy sitting in front of Aurora. He was devastatingly handsome. Those were the only words that came to my speechless mind. I couldn't take my eyes off him. It was the same feeling I got when I looked at Alec, but with him, it was different. I just didn't know how.

        He had light blonde hair that mesmerized me. It was swooped to the side, not at all covering his chocolate brown eyes. I didn't see them long enough, but he had turned around for a minute to set his backpack down. We shared our gaze for a split second, before he turned back to the front. All I can say is that they were breathtaking. He had fair skin, so fair it looked like porcelain. Not to mention that jawline. It could cut glass. I couldn't get enough of him. I needed to get to know him.

        God, what was wrong with me? First Alec, now this dazzling stranger? I think I need to pop in for a visit in the infirmary, or something. Maybe all these drugs are getting to me...

        Just then, Alec, his friend Jason, and some other guy popped in. I didn't feel the same connection with the third stranger, but the way he was looking at me, made me feel something else entirely. He didn't look like anyone I'd ever met before. I mean, I supposed he looked normal, I think. But the way he stared at me? I didn't know how to take it. He looked a bit like Alec, but he held himself differently. Grey eyes and jet black hair. As his grey eyes bored into mine, I felt like I should know him.

        This third stranger and Alec exchanged looks before they rushed over to the seats. If I didn't know any better, I'd say that they were trying to beat each other to the seat in front of me. However, they seemed too cool about it. What was so great about me? The dark haired boy I didn't know managed to take the seat. He turned around and looked into my eyes, making me wish I did know him.

        "Hey." He said, "I'm Lucas."
        I bit my lip and blushed. I never blush, what the hell! "Artemis."

        "Oh, so you're the girl I've heard so much about. I'm enchanted." He said. Lucas extended his hand, and I gave him mine. I expected him to shake it or something, put he pressed his soft lips to my hand, making me shudder. I parted my lips as I stared at him. He slowly let my hand go, but not before rubbing my fingers with his own. Lucas gave me another smile before he turned back around.

        I looked at Aurora, trying to express how confused and dazed I was by these three guys now affecting me so when I noticed she was glaring at Lucas. I could have sworn her ears were fuming. The only person she didn't seem to be enraged at was the blonde haired one sitting in front of her. She didn't notice me looking at her for some form of help, and she most certainly didn't see me when she began to whisper to the blonde boy.

        I shook my head, trying to clear it when the teacher popped in.

        "Good morning class. We have a new student, I'm sure the lot of you have seen or met her. I know she enacted in quite the scene yesterday afternoon." He said, gesturing his hand at me. "Artemis Rosewood, everyone. I'm Mr. Benson." 

        I suddenly felt the eyes of everyone in the room. There weren't a lot of students, but each eye on me felt like daggers. I've never felt like this before.

        "Welcome, Artemis. Now, class, I've talked to you about the projects I plan on assigning, and today's the day! I will be picking your partners, sets of four. So don't dare getting any ideas. Alright... New kid, what was it? Rosewood! You're with Alec, Daniel and Lucas." I spaced out as Mr. Benson went on naming other groups. I heard Aurora groan and I turned to her.

        "That's prejudice, that is! One team of three guys and one girl. I call bullshit!" Aurora whispered. She then shot a glare at both Lucas and Alex. It made me laugh quite a bit, to be honest. Benson had assigned all the groups, and students started to move in their own sections. I wondered who Daniel was, when the blonde haired boy turned to me with a solemn expression. Handsome name for a handsome guy. 

        S**t. Get your act together, Artemis!

        "Well, looks like we're working together! Alec said as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. I made a disgusted expression at him before I flung his arm off of me. I don't know why or how, but the way I was feeling earlier suddenly vanished. I was eternally grateful for that. I was acting like a complete fool! Now I was just sitting with three strangers, all peculiar in their own sort of way. The boys all eyed me in strange ways, as if they all had seen a ghost, or something as equally terrifying. 

        "So," I asked. "What's the project?"

© 2017 Alyxska

Author's Note

Chapter picture is Daniel :)

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