The Glance of a Stranger...

The Glance of a Stranger...

A Poem by Amanda J. S.

something I experienced today...


The Glance of a Stranger...

One glance Is all it takes.

When two gazes lock

That is the golden moment when you just... 


I saw him today

When I was out walking

Taking a break from my younger sister’s never-ending jeers.

I was going out to get some air

And just a tad of reality.

It was a nice walk.

I listened to some classical music

(which I have grown really fond of lately)

The brief blasts of wind felt so soothing against my pale cheeks

As if they were trying to calm me

Trying to mix with the peaceful music,

 blasting in my ears.

And for a while

It did.

For a moment

It was just me,

The wind,

And the music.

I was almost home again

When a car drove by

It parked

(Or I thought it parked)

It didn't.

It was just about to drive out of the parking spot again

When I was right behind it.


As I stopped to give the car place to drive


Guy looked out, from behind the too thick window

of the passenger seat

And he looked at me in this…


I couldn’t even make out his eye color

But that way he looked at me…

I think he had brown hair

But I’m not sure…

It was just a short glance

Probably only lasting for a couple of seconds


It felt like it lasted for hours.

The car stopped,

I smiled

And I went along on my path home.

He kept gazing at me

(Which I probably know because I was looking at him, too)

The car drove away,

descending down the narrow lane, 

Along with that glance of his

More soothing than any music.

Than any wind.

I can’t even clearly remember his face

his features.

I just know that it looked…


© 2012 Amanda J. S.

Author's Note

Amanda J. S.
I listened to this song when our gazes locked:

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Really good ^_^
Great work!

Posted 5 Years Ago

Amanda J. S.

5 Years Ago

Thank you very much :-)
This is really romantic and lovely. I was just wondering why you chose to write it in stanzas instead of paragraphs? I think i would make a lovely short story.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Amanda J. S.

5 Years Ago

Hmm... Guess i wanted it to be different :-)
Awww, how romantic!

Posted 5 Years Ago

Amanda J. S.

5 Years Ago

That you do not claim this to be a poem is good and well for I might be compelled to ask you to explain the rigor of this "vers libre" as it eludes me.

Therefore, I will go straight to a discussion I had with myself regarding the nature of this "glance." In order to better understand it, this 'thought experiment' came to mind: ...hold a large chunk of ice in your hand, think all the while of this stranger, his look, what it meant to you. Do this until the ice has entirely melted or until you feel you must release because to hold it any longer would be unbearable. Consider that this may be yet one more distinction between infatuation and love.

As always, your writing is quite thought provoking! :)

P.S. Sturdy, emphatic music... listen to this as the ice melts; it should season the experience.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Amanda J. S.

5 Years Ago

Nice! I'll try that! :-)

Thank you!
Really great job, Amanda!

I should do something like this. I've had plenty of glances

You mind if I write something like this, based on my experiences?

Posted 5 Years Ago

Amanda J. S.

5 Years Ago

Not at all :-)

Thank you!
Steven Cash

5 Years Ago

no probs
Amanda J. S.

5 Years Ago

Really good! its kind of cute too! I hope everything works out for you!!

Posted 5 Years Ago

Amanda J. S.

5 Years Ago

Thank you! ^^
Alexa Tasch

5 Years Ago

you're welcome!
very nice poem

Posted 5 Years Ago

Amanda J. S.

5 Years Ago

Thanks ^^
very good this...the best ones often come from true life experience and are better when written fresh from that experience...I guess that this was

Posted 5 Years Ago

Amanda J. S.

5 Years Ago

Thank you :-)
Very nice poem.
Sounds like an amazing experience

Posted 5 Years Ago

Amanda J. S.

5 Years Ago

Glad you liked it! :-)

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