The Dancer

The Dancer

A Story by Roxas

the one of ash meets the dancer.


The wave of air pushed the door closed. He stared transfixed, the roof giving birth to an evolving, pulsating mass of darkness. The entity of dark shed its layers like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. It gracefully descended, but not piercing the everlasting silence. The four-legged creature landed without impact; he stands still enraptured, trying to find the eyes, any trace of pure sanity but failed. The graceful dancer stared blankly back at him, its missing eyes hidden behind a twisting helmet; the mouth wielding acute blades. It grasped its weapon of choice; curved, sharp metal, bathed and caressed with vermillion blood of the sun. The dancer, while moving similar to a hunchback, had a distinct feminine shape. Being only emphasized by the feminine screech she emitted, shattering not only murals of psalms, but majority of the drive the warrior held. His reply being the distinct clank of bloodstained metal, the sword of great size now unsheathed. The audible but soft footsteps of the entity reverberated absolute against the marble, drawing closer to the challenger. A crimson leaking cackle gleefully erupted from an inane crone; drops of pure shadow watching her creation, black against her lifeless milky flesh.

© 2018 Roxas

Author's Note

please give any and all feedback, preferably constructive. A description piece of a take on the Ashen One from 'Dark Souls 3' meeting the 'Dancer Of The Boreal Valley'. This is supposed to be my attempt back into a long period of not writing.

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Added on February 9, 2018
Last Updated on February 9, 2018
Tags: darksouls3, ashenone, danceroftheborealvalley, description



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