Elevant journeys of the heart

Elevant journeys of the heart

A Poem by Lyn Anderson

sometimes the right word isn't a right word at all


She was fierce and freaky;

She had more points than soft spots --

Making her way through the list,

Drowning her pain in sweat;

Suffocating her hate under cover

She needed a man, not a lover …


Till she tripped over you …

I searched all around

Looked all over town

Couldn't find her

Where'd you hide her? 

She was lost

and I was found ...


smoothe my edges

glow my cheeks

steady my breath

and tease out the crinkles

in my smile

warm each and every part

of me

and match so very


the imperfect beating

of my heart ...

His love for me is an elevant,

minor irritations

cease to be relevant,

a moment in his arms

is a vacation

for my weary heart.

from first kiss

to lost count ...

his love for me


me higher

than any

who came


© 2019 Lyn Anderson

Author's Note

Lyn Anderson
the journey from she to me and him to her is elevant

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hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm love the back and forth of who she was and who she is ... elevating the relevant things is a deepening indeed ... a deedeed ;)
astounding how many break ups are based on how one holds a fork ... or hums when absorbed ... there is no getting past getting past those things when "in love" but knowing and feeling safe with another human being is blissful and well worth the loss of all our little "points" ... a wise and flowing true love poem for V-Day ... have a happy one Lyn!

Posted 5 Days Ago

Lyn Anderson

4 Days Ago

Thank you so much
' You .. smoothe my edges .. glow my cheeks .. steady my breath .. and tease out the crinkles .. in my smile.. ' Special love, that..

Have found that looking for anything is more often or not a no-no! As to love, fate will have not have its wicked way but the most beautiful. One hopes. prays. Your words, the way you place them, makes reading such a pleasure, more than. You've a way of tipping your hat and our gaze slides this way that til mesmerised.. content and admiring, Lyn. Yet another 'brava' for the unique skill you share. Me, green with envy, nevah... much! x

Posted 6 Days Ago

Lyn Anderson

5 Days Ago

Such a glowing and kind review. Thank you ever so much

5 Days Ago

Truly- you're very welcome. :)
How true this is. All those minor irritations cease to be relevant. That surely is love for you. Your lines remind me as well of that old saying, if you go looking for love, you won't find it. It has a habit of finding you when you least expect it. I like your journey here Lyn.


Posted 1 Week Ago

Lyn Anderson

1 Week Ago

Thank you for stopping in. I do appreciate
nice to be "found" Lyn isn't it... there were two lines that really struck me... "she needed a man, not a lover" and "from first kiss, to lost count".... and for me, that is "elevant" and a journey worth taking...

your poetry is amazing Lyn...

Posted 1 Week Ago

Lyn Anderson

1 Week Ago

Thank you soo much. I appreciate it
Hmmhh... Wowee!!
I know twill take a lot of days, perhaps years for me to understand who's right for me to hug and take a vacation but I learned a little from your piece. ..
The way you said, she was fierce and her other qualities...I find all her expectations fair and valid....a heart shall resemble a coconut ;) searching the perfect man to see that heart's tender sight....
Thanks many for sharing this....enjoyed a lot in this drive!...
PS :- Can you please lemme know what elevant is....I desperately wanna grasp its meaning :)

Posted 1 Week Ago

Lyn Anderson

1 Week Ago

So sweet. Thank you. I took a bit of liberty with my English and created a neologism - Elevant - (no.. read more

1 Week Ago

Gotcha! I'd love to use this word be it in your neologism or in the main stream language..=)
.. read more
Lyn Anderson

1 Week Ago

Go ahead, maybe we'll make it into a mainstream word. :)
So, he's the man.
I suppose it's a true fact that if you go out looking for love you aint going to find it.
But on a normal day, that someone who irritates you turns out to be the one who changes your life.
Probably why love is blind.

Posted 1 Week Ago

Lyn Anderson

1 Week Ago

Love doesn't need to be blind. But it sure can sneak up on a person. Thanks for happening by
It can only be the hope that we find this feeling of intimacy that considers our flaws and glitches irrelevant, that we continue through the myre of false starts, false hope and false love. Either that or a sadomasichistic sense of humour.
We are all these verses, looking for the perfect endline, to start living and stop simply being.
I'm going to have to come up with something better than my normal praise of your work, as telling you you are brilliant is beginning to sound like I copy and paste my responses.... Flippin' wordtastic. A+, go to the top of the class. Collect 200 dolars and a get out of jail free card :)

Posted 1 Week Ago

Lyn Anderson

1 Week Ago

Aww thank you. My muse is very inspiring on the daily.
You are just too damn good, in a bad way... whether on an individual basis, or collectively, each of these little creations, is bigger than the page ya pinned them to..... splendid penning, perfect pinning.. N

Posted 1 Week Ago

Lyn Anderson

1 Week Ago

Thank you kindly my friend
Neville Pettitt

1 Week Ago

that will do nicely.. ta.... Neville
i agree with Ted...perfect love poem...all the transitions from meeting to perfect love...the two are complements for and to each other...it is good when we don't need another person to make us whole, but nice when another person makes us our best self.

Posted 1 Week Ago

Lyn Anderson

1 Week Ago

thank you so very much.:)
Well done, Lyn. The perfect love poem to tell the world about a close to perfect love.

A good write

Posted 1 Week Ago

Lyn Anderson

1 Week Ago

Nothing's perfect, but some things are perfectly imperfect.:) Thank you for stopping in

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