The dolls

The dolls

A Chapter by Andy

I was always a wild child, I couldn't stay in one place, I couldn't feel stagnant, I had to move and move and talk and complain and think out loud and make noise, a lot of noise, mostly with my songs. When I was 16 I started a band with my friends, the 'dolls', that was a temporary name, soon we had to change it to 'Paola's squad' that doesn't sound like a name of a band but what you can expect from 16 years old kids. The same way it started and by that I mean spontaneously, it was the same way it ended, I remember the oath we gave in the back yard of my house with Jessica, we will never let a guy to get between us, but that was when we were 12 and Billy was easy to forget, Billy could be easily forgotten, not Matthew Maclean, he was something different, something that you couldn't understand, you could only love him or hate, we both loved him more than our lives, more than our friendship, more than anything in this world, but this love was not meant to.

''So what, we need to change the name of our group just because you like your new neighbour?''

''It's not interesting if it is only girls a boy will make the group to rise and shine''

''I created this group, I am the voice who everybody wants to hear, a boy will only turn the lights on him''

''Thus you are so good why do you care so much Paola''

''Because I spend a lot of time in this group, I write the songs, I write the melody.. I''

''And what are we doing? we do nothing?''

''You know that's not what I meant Bailey''

''Then what?''

''Don't try to turn Bailey against me Jessica, is not going to work''

''I don't try to turn anyone against anyone, all three of us are part of this group, each one in her own field, I do the PR, Bailey the choreographies, you write the songs and music and we all sing, because we love to sing, songs unite people they don't split them apart''

''Then stop bringing your personal life to our group, OUR group''

''Exactly, OUR group and I HAD AN IDEA, am asking you, I didn't bring him here''

''I bet you told him already''

''I did, I said I will ask you both if you would like to meet him and then he would decide if he wants to join''

''Oh the prince of Bel Air, if he wants to join! Oh pleeeease do us a favor to join our ALREADY successful group!''

''Cut it off''

''Or what?''

''Stop! Both of you! Enough''

''She started''

''You did with your silly ideas, you really don't have other ways to approach this guy, you need to get him to the group?''

''I am not going to discuss this anymore with you, we have democracy, we vote!''

''You know what democracy means?? I thought you failed History lesson''

''At least I got my driving license in my first effort!''

''With an AUTO car b***h''

''You are the only b***h in this room''

''Stop or I leave''

''We have democracy, lets vote, lets vote because it is the only way I can get a boyfriend''

''Stop making fun of me a*****e''

''That's it, shut up both of you, long story short, do we want this guy to join our group or not?''



''So Bailey what's your decision''

''Our group is awesome, we have a lot of fun together, we are good in what we do but, I... believe that... maybe if the friend of Jessica is good, only then... maybe we can consider him''

''I smell Victory''

''Hold on Jessica, I said maybe..''

''Oh trust me I took my decision, am out! if you want a group make a group on your own with your stupid Andrew''

''Its Matthew!!! and don't show me your middle finger''

The door closed and the silence was awfully hurting Bailey's heart.
''S**t.. she left, you think she meant that?''

''I don't care''

''She is your best friend of course you do''

''She is a selfish Diva that doesn't want Matthew only because she doesn't want him to get all the attention''

''We need to get her back''

''I dont really care''

That day I arrived home and locked myself in my room without talking to anyone, smoking and smoking like an idiot, I was so pissed off that I forgot that my mother and nanny didn't know about me smoking. My nanny was the first one to know when there was something wrong with me. She knew it as soon as I threw my bag to the hall way and run to my room, I wanted to lock my door and lock everyone out, in that moment I didn't want to listen, to see, to think. 
''What happened Paola, open the door baby''
My nanny was knocking the door, I closed my eyes and yelled to her ''Leave me alone!''
''Bailey called twice looking for you''
''She can call a hundred times I am  not going to talk to her''
''Open the door please''
''No, just go away''
''You leave me with no choice, I will tell your mother''
''Tell my mother and what?''
''She will, she will put an end to this''
''Oh Nana, trust me, my mother and my father don't give a s**t about me smoking so just let it be''
''Ayyy Paola you are so stubborn''
''Let me be!''
''You need to get ready, open the door to help you''
" Am not five anymore, I can dress on my own and anyway am not coming''
''Your father will get upset''
''My father can f**k himself''
''Good Lord Paola open the door and tell me what happened... Paola... Paola???Paola?''

I put my earphones, like I did every time, I didn't want to listen, every time I wanted to get lost in my thoughts,  but now the only person I could think of is Matthew and what was so special about him that led Jessica to react the way she did, I didn't know him and I was already upset on him, I am not sure but I think I hate him. With these thoughts I fell asleep, neither the noise or the 16 text messages I got from Bailey could wake me up. For the next days I didn't show up to school, my parents went on a trip and I could always get what I wanted from my nana.  Friday has come with  the sun was so strong that I started to get dizzy, I was getting my sun tan by the pool when Bailey, Jessica and a guy showed up from nowhere.

© 2017 Andy

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Added on December 22, 2017
Last Updated on December 22, 2017
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My name is Andy and I live in a small island in Europe. I work in the financial sector however my dream is to become a successful novel and thriller writer.. I know makes no sense but.. that's me :p more..

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