The Puzzle of Society

The Puzzle of Society

A Poem by Anna

society is so messed up
we judge people based on thier looks or how much money they have
we go tell people to change who they are so they can fit in the giant puzzle of society
but this is impossible to do
becuase not every piece fits perfectly in a certain spot of the puzzle
and you cannot reshape a piece to make it fit in that certain spot
becuase by doing that, you are ruining the way it was created
and just like puzzle pieces, we were created to be who we are and by changing that
you will mess up all of society and nothing will thrive
becuase if we are forced to all be the same shape and size then the puzzle would never be completed
if we want this society to become lighter, we need to be who we are
not follow other people like they own you
because they dont and by creating your own path,
by being a unique piece in this giant puzzle
you will fit in better then being just like everyone else
maybe one day people will open thier eyes and instead of being followers
they will become thier own personal leaders
but for now, society is to naiive and the worst part is how close minded people are to it
this puzzle will never be completed if we continue copying eachother and there will be no peace
so to everyone reading this, let the way you were created stay the same because just like the missing puzzle piece, you will find your place and maybe its not soon but thats ok because you will find your spot in society
just remember that all puzzle pieces are different and if we ever want peace in this wretched society, we must be who we were meant to be.

© 2017 Anna

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Great example of using the puzzle to emphasize that we are all unique perhaps in shape size or our feelings/ideas, no one being any better than another. Society does impose what it sees as right and acceptable for the period it exists, it like all things in life is ever changing, as we change from childhood to adult so will the changes reflect in our society be it a step behind. Great message

Posted 8 Months Ago

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Added on June 10, 2017
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Denver, CO

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