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Stranger- familiar

Stranger- familiar

A Story by anxia

Somethings that happened last year.


During my second year final prosthodontic practical examination last year, my dental articulator broke apart that I had kept on a table along with others when some one nudged it walking past. Our examination was to arrange teeth in accordance with the principles  to the unprocessed prostheses mounted to the articulator. The only thing I could think of in that horrific situation was to reconstruct it but it seemed too absurd as it would take an irreducible minimum of 45 minutes and the exam was about to being in 10 I summed up to inform my professor about the mishap. But all my friends adviced against it while one of them suggested that I request one of the other batch students, that had their exam the next day, for their articulator. Though I initially hesitated I walked to the hostel hoping that my bestie, lolly would help me. I had indomitable faith in her that she would.  When I reached her room, She wasnt there. Disapponited I went to another room where dency was along with her friend. Dency is a hyperactive, sportive and cool headed girl. I didn't have much acquaintance with her. We must have had a few hellos' and whats ups'. But thats about it. So she's kind of a familiar stranger to me. I asked her if could call lolly's mobile and told her the reason why I have come since she asked me. The call was futile as lolly had left her mobile in her room. Dency showed me her undone work and told she would have given it, if it were finished. She went from room to room  asking everyone to help me giving the word that she would later prepare another articulator to the lender. Fortunately, lolly came just then and even as she was walking up to her room dency ran to her and told the situation. I was left dumb with disbelief when lolly denied the help. I had all my hopes in her. I sat in the room on my knees with tears straming down my cheeks silently divulging my pain. I wasn't crying because my articulator had broken, not that I would become disqaulified but my hopes Ihad in my friend just proved to be unworthy. Nonetheless lolly's constant denial to help, dency kept pleading to give the articulator explaining her the problem againg and again. Finally dency said she would prepare another articulator the moment lolly  gave me hers . Even then, lolly didnt budge a bit. Reluctantly she masked her face a hesitant ok. I looked apprehensively at dency as she handed me the articulator. She assured  and sent a depressed me back to the college.
When I saw dency plead for me, take burden to prepare the articulator for lolly in my stead, despite the fact that dency is not even a friend of mine, my heart bore thankfuless from its depth. Then and there I learnt and experienced the meaning of the word 'benevolent' and the wondorous fact that anyone can be it, even a stranger familiar or otherwise.


Etymology: L, articulare, to divide into joints
a mechanical device used in the fabrication and testing of dental prostheses. It represents the temporomandibular joints and jaw members to which maxillary and mandibular casts may be attached.

© 2013 anxia

Author's Note

Please let me know if the writing is perspicuous, the flow proper and any thing else you think I need to know. Thanks :)

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i just read and felt the beautiful heart and my eyes are wet.
of course you wrote well that is why it touched :)

best wishes.

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

Thank you very much for the helpful review and for responding to my particular request regarding th.. read more

5 Years Ago

you are welcome :)

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Added on August 15, 2013
Last Updated on August 30, 2013