Proposed Changes to Writer's Cafe...

Proposed Changes to Writer's Cafe...

A Story by The Archangel Gabriel

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Here is what I wrote the Owner of this place:


Haven't heard from me in a while? 

Some suggestions for your site.

1) Get your eternal wife back.  I won't accept that answer.
2) Make a new icon that looks more now.  The same tree in rainbow colors as the rainbow appears: red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet, ROY G BIV.  From one side to teh other, left side is indigo.
3) Make me a moderator and programmer for free!  What does this mean to you?
4) Make our house publishing thing happen.  Emily Burns is the only one who can change our house, and we leave if we don't like it.  We specialize in getting WC authors published.  We have members of note, Legion, Emily Burns, Solst, Joseph-Michael, Karen666 (a true love of mine), Squinkla Psy Ops (help her with her account, please), TL Boehm, Toa of Bri, and more. Any member can publish what they want.  That's basically the rules.  Get these people paid, please.
5) Go to Google and ask for more money, the money we need to be what we are, the best place to publish writing on the web.
6) Deleted items are kept (and you tell this) but changed in number to be unviewable.  Who wants to lose any of their work?  And, it makes them unviewable in your search as author or your edit page.  A new deleted work page with undelete?
7) Guidelines for WC are published by you including, we try to keep a friendly and professional place where curtesy is about the only answer.
8) Make this for all writing, if you like it:

Preview Mode Keep this writing unpublished for now so only I can see it
Disable Reviews I don't want others to be able to review my writing.
Disable Review Replies I don't want others to be able to reply to reviews I get.
Disable Rating I don't want others to rate this writing, I only want reviews.
Members Only I only want members to be able to see this writing.

© 2016 The Archangel Gabriel

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I understood about a third of that letter, but carry on.

Posted 9 Months Ago

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Added on October 22, 2016
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The Archangel Gabriel
The Archangel Gabriel

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