PSYCHIATRY TODAY: Enraging Your Evil Enemies and More Mind Control Issues...

PSYCHIATRY TODAY: Enraging Your Evil Enemies and More Mind Control Issues...

A Story by The Archangel Gabriel

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I guess enough of the evil is dead on this planet to safely release some mind control and other psychological warfare tactics.

1) Say, "Calm down!"  It sounds condescending and enraging as well.  It has the effect of really pissing people off!

2) Create a list in people.  You need the first item on the list like, "First, I want you to call you mother."  Then, add things to the list that are before the first thing.  That is confusing to have the impossible list of something before the first thing.  They should become succeptible to you with your bogus list, allowing you some free reign in their mind!

3) Say something that gets their mind going in your direction such as, "Are you trying to seduce me?"  Right after saying what is on your mind, add an activation code such as using the roots of all language to get to the meaning of the sounds you are using like, "Sh! A sh sh hm..."  With the first saying, that is likely to get them into trying to seduce you!

4) Try to get people to believe something and it's opposite, an impossibility.  For example, you could try, "I love you, but I don't love you!"  Let them know that both are true!

This is the world where we dick with people, and this is the world where people try to dick us back, just a dicking around world as is expected to be for about the next 250,000 years at least.

Fortunately, about nobody had kids after 9/11, a wise choice!  Who wants to bring people into a 9/11world?  So much dicking with us by the world governments, even more than an indecent amount before 9/11?  Who would do that to people?!?!?!?  That must be a bunch of dickheads and c***s!

Game on!  

The "final frontier" is clearly the human mind!


You mean you don't believe in the language of the Garden of Eden?  You don't believe that Adam had something to say to Eve or that they were smart enough to see that the animals talk to each other?  What else are you to do when you are truly alone, can't speak, than learn to speak?

So, it appears that the languages of the world (evidenced by their sounds) have the same root meanings in sounds.  And, I conclude that English is the highest and most developed language on Earth.  If you understand the meaning of our sounds, a lot from Greek and Latin, you can understand something in any language, I guess.  I am still learning world languages to supplement my understanding of these issues!

By the way, when the world becomes my world:
1) Magic, you can't tell what is real, and you can't hide from your enemies,
2) Psychological operations.   You enter the minds of people and sometimes oops and hit somebody else with effects of your words or actions.  You can probably just use the chemicals in the brain to give people preferences, beliefs, or memories..  Odd, but that sucks my large, hairy, dick as well!
3) Mind Control.  Talking (mostly) to people or using the gay magical lighting and sounds that know?  Getting people to be your virtual slaves?  I guess...

If this happens to the world, it is little worth living in.

For more dicking with people, try suggesting some project for them and then at a good pause time, send crack to their brain.  In beastial evil like Satan in his early days, they will associate the good feelings with them wanting to do your work project.

If you are experimenting with flashing lights to enrage people, you might use my CIA MIND CONTROL DRUG NUMBER ONE to make people succeptible to mind control or maybe even GHB!

© 2017 The Archangel Gabriel

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Added on October 30, 2017
Last Updated on October 30, 2017


The Archangel Gabriel
The Archangel Gabriel

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