PSYCHIATRY TODAY: Relationship Therapy

PSYCHIATRY TODAY: Relationship Therapy

A Story by The Archangel Gabriel

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1) The old people with successful relationships seem to cite a) compromise and b) communications as the secret to their success.

You need to be able to speak up if something is bothering you, and you need to be able to clearly communicate what that is!

Also, there is a lot of baggage in a relationship such as whether to send your children to state college (cheaper) or to a private university.  That might cost you your retirement fund, but maybe somebody feels strongly in their direction, a more expensive school. 

In simple terms, you might be able to largely compromise by alternating decisions where you both don't care much in favor of one person or the other.  Then, if a problem comes up, something somebody holds really dear, you could break the pattern!

2) I believe that about 2 weeks to 2 1/2 years into a relationship, people lose their spark of something new and exciting.  This is not what many girls think: the wrong guy!  It could be that you talked about all you can talk about yourselves and need to find something new to talk about like your hopes for the future or small talk about things like hair spray you do or do not like!

Unfortunately, many people resort to breaking up to deal with these habitual blues, maybe dating one or more new people (against their best wishes) before they get back together much worse for the wear!  Some patience, please?

3) If I had to pick a root cause for bad feelings around the globe, it would be lack of money.  About nobody on Earth can afford private college or university much less retirement and a comfortable standard of living.

You can be just as miserable in the First World earning minimum wage as you can be barely having food in the Third World.  And, hungry is hungry anywhere on Earth!


4) Everybody on Earth and particularly women like personal notes in a blank greeting card or on a card where every word you believe.  If that does not rekindle your relationship, try chocolates or flowers.

© 2017 The Archangel Gabriel

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Added on October 30, 2017
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The Archangel Gabriel
The Archangel Gabriel

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