MEDICINE AND PSYCHIATRY TODAY: Off-Label Utilization of Medicine for Mood

MEDICINE AND PSYCHIATRY TODAY: Off-Label Utilization of Medicine for Mood

A Story by The Archangel Gabriel

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What is your mood?  Do you seem to always be having a bad time?  Medicine can help your mood!

1) Abilify - bad crack, but a somewhat good time!  Be advised that Abilify seems to make you fat and to be somewhat toxic to the human body.  Real crack is much preferred for quality and also for a consistent good time!  Crack is like everything is going your way and you are in your zone.  Abilify is like this, but also you are disturbingly unsatisfied with the high!

2) Qualludes - to make you silly, silly, silly, (what a good time!) and to put you in a good mood.  If people had realized that qualludes give you a silly time, perhaps it would be one of the top sellers in the modern marketplace!

3) Cocaine.  Feeling good.  Having a good time.  In chatty mode/mood.  And, a little good at dealing with pain, especially in excess!

4) Percocets - a very good time and a rolling sensation of wonder!

5) Heroin - somewhat good for pain, and a euphoric sensation much like Tramadol (also good for pain and having a good time and euphoria)

6) Mophine - can cause dizziness and also mild euphoria and a good time especially with alcohol (which could slow your heart to death!) and the best pain found on Earth, we think!

7) Tramadol - see heroin but more fun and a little better pain relief!  A real winner!

8) Crack Cocaine - everything is going your way, and you are in your zone and somewhat energized!  A good step in any psychiatric condition including "all clear"

9) Vicodin - a very, very, very good time unless it is a bad generic which is still a good time and considerably cheaper!  Fun, fun, fun!

  - Lorocet - if you are offbeat and interesting
  - Vicodin 
     WHITE for pain relief and little high
     YELLOW for more Vicodin in your Vicodin
     Green or Blue, for hallucenogenic mushrooms in your Vicodin
   - Narcos - for strong pain relief or to go ghetto gangster with your Vicodin!
  - Generics - if just simple pain relief will do and a little good time

That clears the issues somewhat well!

© 2017 The Archangel Gabriel

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Added on December 31, 2017
Last Updated on December 31, 2017


The Archangel Gabriel
The Archangel Gabriel

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