MEDICINE AND PSYCHIATRY TODAY: Notes on Addiction and Substance Abuse

MEDICINE AND PSYCHIATRY TODAY: Notes on Addiction and Substance Abuse

A Poem by The Archangel Gabriel

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Dr. Min Zhong of MHMRA on Dacoma, The Northwest Clinic, got me started on substance abuse and addiction problems.

Dr. Zhong said he raises concern when people do a substance such as alcohol or crack cocaine and do it again and again and again.  Duly said!

I asked my MHMRA doctor, Min Zhong, but what about when they/we do it all day long?  I think he summarized well as more concerned than the first option!

Another problem is probably when chemical (terrible) or emotional addiction sets in!  There is no worse addiction on Earth than nicotine when you become anxious and feel physical pain from withdrawal!  Who wants to be tied into one smoke an hour for eternity?  Think about the implications there before you become a drug addict for nicotine like my CIA and Mossad groups and me!  

I started smoking finding smokes and wanting something to do.  Next I knew, I was smoking about 2 days a week and also finding strange times to take a smoke.  It got more and more and worse and worse until I was going about one smoke an hour and liking it.  Had I only known how addictive this can be, I might have just not smoked for eternity!  Then again, I need something to do and am orally fixated, need something for the mouth.

What about chain smoking, lighting one smoke from the last one?  Do you really need that much nicotine, or will one an hour do?  Don't you get short of breath and also damaged lungs from more than a pack of American Spirits a day? 

Now, I return to addiction!  What about a pattern of addiction that you are using your substance(s) of choice as an emotional crutch?  Perhaps, you have an argument with your parents that needs resolution, but instead you hide in heroin.  That feels good, but don't you have the same problems when you wake up in the morning looking for your next fix?!?!?!?  What about using crack to get by in poverty,  always waiting to find a day job or sale of crack for your next fix?

Will this really do?

© 2017 The Archangel Gabriel

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Added on December 31, 2017
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The Archangel Gabriel
The Archangel Gabriel

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