Reasons on not writing.

Reasons on not writing.

A Story by S.Diane.L.

Okay, so I just came to the realization about why I haven't been writing lately... my daughter. I love her completely and thoroughly, but good Lord, she doesn't give me a moment's peace. As of right this very second, she's sitting beside me, her tablet on full volume, playing some... boutique dress-up game. It took me three hours to make twelve cream cheese, coffee, and blackberry tarts, and another twelve butter puff pastries because she insisted on using me like a jungle gym. 

She's been out of school for about a month now and has another month and a half off before she goes back... yikes. I mean, she's only going into Kindergarten, meaning she's only away for five hours a day, but those five hours are my writing hours. 

-holds a white flag of surrender up-  

Five minutes. That is ALL I need. Haha. Hopefully, her grandmother will take her for a few days before I lose all my sanity. 

...and my husband wants a second child. Hah! Not right now, thank you very much. I love my little family and I would NEVER trade my daughter away for anything, but sometimes, I'd like a break. 

Case in point, "Mommy, you're not looking at this!" I got yelled at. By a four and a half-year-old. Want to guess why? Because I didn't stop and completely study the outfit she just dressed her character in on the tablet screen. -sigh- Children. 

I swear I will start writing again -- as soon as she starts school again! -grumble grumble-

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This is a time you will treasure...... Maybe a little more in the future when you get more perspective. You sound like a good mom. It's a tough job though isn't it? I'm a dad and I've been there!!

Posted 1 Month Ago

Yes M'am, I can relate. Children are a big responsibility. Sounds like you're dealing with it. If it happens to you the way it has with me, there'll come a day when your kids will pay you no attention at all.

Posted 1 Month Ago

oh its perfectly justified then

Posted 2 Months Ago

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