You Won't Ever Say I Love You

You Won't Ever Say I Love You

A Poem by Martina

When mountains are colossal, when they reach the sky.


When mountains are colossal, when they reach the sky.

When oceans stretch out further than my eye, for eons.

When clouds turn to rain, to storms, to hurricanes.

Only then will you say you love me.


However the devastating distance you put between us,

Is like a cold death grip on my heart, paralyzing.

And the concrete casing that surrounds you is bitter that I recoil.

When you look at me, it’s like I’m not even there, invisible.

It’s so fearfully oppressing that I suffocate.


Being with you is akin to drowning in flame.

It burns my lungs, my skin, and my eyes.

My very soul is charred to black.

Even so I wish to gain your affection, your caresses

Because I can only imagine sweet bliss from a touch such as yours,

So I torture myself with this current appearance you try so hard to portray,

Hoping that one-day you will change.

Will you ever?


When mountains become colossal that they reach the sky,

When oceans stretch for eons, further than my eye,

Even when clouds rage with rain, storms and hurricanes,

You won’t ever say you love me.


© 2013 Martina

Author's Note

I wrote this a while ago...but yeah. Please review and thanks for reading.

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Added on March 16, 2013
Last Updated on April 27, 2013
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