They Came From The Sky

They Came From The Sky

A Story by Ciara Di Salle

Short Sci-Fi Piece ( Intro of Sorts) Rough draft


I was three years old when they landed. I don't remember it vividly, but I have images, sometimes sounds. From the stories told to us by our kin, I know that it was invasion that struck down the peaceful 17th global human empire in the year 3013. The human race had seemed to reach a splendid plateau. War had been abolished a long time ago, around the era of the 16th global human empire, with the signing of the Beijing 3 World Peace Treaty, creating one massive nation under Emperor Mundi, a fair and honest man. And as expected, for a time, the world was tranquil. The ancient problems of climate change were a thing of the past, with the introduction of the atmospheric cleanser droids in 2998. The economy was stable with the world working as a single nation, and war was out of the question. Society was in ways, utopia for years. That is- until the descent of the Scarïo. They came from the sky in majestic vessels the size of small cities, presided over by an overwhelmingly large mothership that became a permanent fixture, where New America once rested on the outskirts of the arctic circle. 

When they arrived, they showed no mercy. Immediately, seemingly infinite numbers of black, glossy skinned beings piled out of the star ships. They were identical in terms of features. Each being stood about 8 feet tall. They had long faces that came to a curved point behind the head, their skulls seemed to be shaped like a giant rams’ horn from the forehead up. Their eyes were set slightly off to the sides of the head. They blinked horizontally, and the eyes were pure white throughout. They were slender but muscular, and their arms and legs were thickest at the forearm and calf. Their large hands included three wide, flat fingers, making it easy to hold weapons, or people.  Each Scarïo was equipped with a gas-mask device, semi permanently attached to their face. A thick, green cable spiraled down from the silver mouthpiece, attaching to a silver chest piece, which was tightly strapped on across the spine and over both thin shoulders with broad metal straps. In the centre of the chest piece, there was a glowing green gem-like device, directly connected to the cable. The Scarïo were not particularly open about their own anatomy and history, so we were forced to assume. Most suspected that the devices were gas masks, and that the Scarïo could not breathe in Earth’s atmosphere. It was really the only clothing they wore, so the theory seemed logical. It was rumored that every gas mask gem was fed by one single mother gem, which resided in the mother ship. 

It always intrigued me that the Scarïo may have such a targetable weakness. Maybe that’s why I started the rebellion. Maybe that is why I  risked the lives of many for the good of the Earth. My name is Relinda Mese, I went to battle with the Scarïo. And this is the story of how I died. 

© 2013 Ciara Di Salle

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Author's Note

Ciara Di Salle
I have been toying with the idea of expanding this into a book, thoughts? That would really help. Thanks! (Bear with me it's a rough conceptual draft and I wrote it at 1 AM)

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Added on September 14, 2013
Last Updated on September 14, 2013
Tags: sci-fi, sci fi, science, fiction, story, short story, intro, aliens, future, futuristic


Ciara Di Salle
Ciara Di Salle


My name is Ciara, I am 17 years old. I am an artist, a student, and a writer. I am currently working on my first novel. I love Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Torchwood, Supernatural.. more..